LOVE first

Some would say that in order to be happy together, in an intimate LOVE relationship,

it’s important you have the same tastes, same interests, same lifestyles, same passions, same……

That always makes me wonder: 

Well what if that interest or preference or passion you connected on, disappears, does this mean you’re done with this love?


You probably are…..,

…..unless you found a way to connect heart to heart during your time together so that in the end it IS LOVE that connects you.

Not the interests, not the life plans, not the preferences……

I can’t imagine being with someone when the connection between me and my partner is something else than PURE LOVE.

I know many people who are passionate about the same things as I am, who have same lifestyle as I do, same preferences as I do………

………..but it doesn’t make me want to share my heart my soul my body my life with them.

In the same way, where there’s true LOVE, differences do not matter.

They simply don’t come first.

Perceived obstacles don’t matter.

They simply don’t come first.

You ideas about what to expect from a partner don’t matter.

They simply don’t come first.

What does come first is LOVE,

and knowing that you want to be with this person.

And I don’t mean those situations where people give themselves and their power away to the other.

That’s not LOVE as in:


That’s something else.

I have seen many relationships bring the two so close together that their initial differences enriched the relationship.

I have seen people adopt their partner’s lifestyle they initially frowned upon, and feel better for it.

I have seen people overcome many obstacles that are no obstacles when it comes to LOVE.

LOVE always looks for and creates SOLUTIONS.

So the best thing is to go for LOVE first,

and the rest will come.


LOVE will always save the day.

And keep you ‘out of trouble’.

No matter what.




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