Lead And Follow

Do You Want To Be A Leader?

Or do you want to Follow?

In truth, we are all LEADERS and FOLLOWERS.

Leaders when it comes to creating in our life, as creators that we are.

And followers when it comes to that which inspires our creations, the Spirit, the Universe, God.

We lead and we follow as one, dancing the dance of creation.

But what happens when we don’t step into these ‘roles’?

(These are no ‘roles’ really, but I have no better word for this right now…)

If we don’t lead as Creator in our life, we get to create ‘meh’.

Not much fun is it?

If we don’t lead in our life we often follow.

Other people’s ideas, other people’s rules, other people’s beliefs about what really matters.

And we get lost, constantly looking outside of ourselves for guidance and answers, rather than tuning in and knowing all the answers from within.

Looking for validation.

For permission.


Doesn’t sound like a great plan if you want to live your truth, be who you are.

If that matters to you.

And I happen to know that it does matter 2U.


Then, there’s the not following of Universe, Spirit, God.

You do your life but as you – little egoic you – wants it.

Forget about aligning, tuning in, and letting yourself be guided by higher powers that created you.


We know better than Universe what is good for us.

Follow me, says the ego.

And you do.

But, as you go you realize you are nothing without Universe.

Nothing, meaning ‘small’.


Not the fullest potential of who you are.

Universe always has a better view, a broader view, an overview of everything.

It’s the best partner ever to follow.

And Universe sure knows how to dance.

How to dance you.

Dance you to places you’ve never been before, places you didn’t even know existed.

Universe does that all the time.


and you won’t be disappointed.

Follow the Universe while leading in your Life…….,

and you are set.


Until next time,

Lots of Love



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