This is how I’ve been feeling in the last couple of days.
No matter what’s going on in your life Spirit’s in charge.
It’s inevitable to let your life be guided by Universe,
because Universe is at the steering wheel.
You try and you try, you go here you go there, you turn right you turn left….
Universe is watching you, always.
Universe is constantly helping you.
To see clearly.
To know from within.
To feel.
Universe is constantly with you.
And ego cannot escape.
It can fool you for a while.
It can have you buy into its stuff.
Lead you into confusion.
Into Doubt.
Into endless contemplation.
But beyond that it has nothing on you.
Because Universe has taken charge of your life.
Yes, your life too.
Universe is working behind the scenes 4 U.
Conspiring to assist you.
To guide you into your best into your fullest and into your highest, all the time.
And that is worth being thankful for.
I just remembered that Oprah once shared how she was deeply upset about something…..,
and her dear friend Maya Angelou said to her:
Say Thank You, For The Rainbow.
???! What?!
Yes, thank you for the rainbow that comes after rain.
Universe always has rainbows in store for us, lots and lots of them.
And even the rain is a present, to release, to move out so much stuff that we are carrying with us without even knowing it.
The ‘stuff’ is moving out, and Creator Consciousness is moving in, for every single body on this planet.
That means for you too.
Universe Creator is moving into YOU, to be you, to express itself through you.
It has had enough of crazy stuff made by humans with amnesia,
humans that don’t remember who they are,
and it started to move in, really fast, and take charge.
Whatever you do wherever you go, remember:
Universe is watching you.
Universe is guiding you.
Youniverse is on your side.
Lots of Love,
Want to work with me?
In a couple of months you can do so in person, during a retreat……. 💃
Right now, there’s the option of virtual 1 on 1 sessions.
Lots of Love!



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