Staying In Flow

Being a master at going with the flow, and following my inner knowing….,

I rather surprise myself when I don’t.

Go with the flow.

Follow my inner knowing.

Because, even though I’ve been trained well by the whole Universe…..,

I manage to sneak in the madness of ‘doing your own thing’ instead of taking Universe’s advice…..,

even though I know it’s mad.

Today it was ‘do your thing and suffer the consequentes’.

I was planning to move from one house to another,

which is an easy operation really since I only have two suitcases and some extra stuff. šŸ™‚

I intuited yesterday that I’d better move on Sunday (yesterday) instead of Monday (today).

But I hadn’t taken this heads up seriously, and today I ‘suffered’ (‘felt’ is more like it!) the consequences.


It was horrible.

I woke up feeling very intense downloads pouring in.

And I had to get up and go, travel from a to b to a again to c to d to b.


All of this while the heavy downloading went on for hours and I had a huge pressure in my head all day long.

I could only sneak in 15 minutes of quiet time, which did me good (O.M.G.).

The rest was traffic, people, noise, music, traffic again etc.


I wish I had listened.


This is how you learn!

I’ve been trained this way – discovering time and time again the deep value of inner knowing.

Life is so much more fun.

It’s easy.

It flows.

You just show up.

And flow.

And Universe flows you from a to be to c to d.

Wish such ease that all works out super smooth, in a way that the little you could never have conceived.

And that is pure enjoyment.

It’s my most favourite thing.

To F L O W.


Things show up when you didn’t expect them being the very thing you need in that very moment.

That’s because Universe knows you better than you know yourself,

sees all better than you can see yourself……,

and wants to give you this gift of E A S E, of F L O W.

The more we accept it,

the more often we go for these subtle nudges……,

the more alignment, harmony and flow we create….,

in our own life and in all the lives around us.

Because, let’s face it,

when it flows for you,

it flows for others too.

It’s contagious.

But only if you don’t fight it.

So why not?

Why not give Universe the benefit of the doubt?

Why not do it, just go with it….?

Why not?

It’s a given that it makes everything work.

With no work at all.

Compliments of the Universe.




Planning a retreat…… 

Dreaming it up……. šŸ˜


Want to work with me?

Send a message!



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