Ask 💖

So often we stay in status quo just because we are convinced the solution is nowhere to be found.

Whatever it is that you don’t enjoy in your life, you can change it into something you D O E N J O Y.

We are made to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy the planet, to enjoy our life, to enjoy our bodies.

If you are fully committed to not opening up to this truth,

you’re living a life that doesn’t reflect these qualities.

If you are open to be shown how your life can be different,

even if you don’t believe it can happen,

then doors will open for you to feel a different quality in your life.

All you have to do is ask. 

To be shown.

How different things can be.


To be shown.

What solutions are available to you.


To be shown.

How to make changes.


To be shown.

No matter what it is that you don’t want to experience in your life any longer,

you can ask to be shown.

A different way.

So notice where you are staying in status quo…….,

and simply ask.

And be open to be shown.

And……….. enjoy.




I am dreaming up a very nice retreat….

To connect deeply, to release powerfully, and to move more deeply into the heart….

If you want to know more, send a message!



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