Today’s blig pist is about creativity, 

and I just saw what I typed in here,

and I think I’m going to leave it the way it’s written now.


Because, whenever I write something, I just write.

I keep writing and when I am done – only and only then – I go over the text and take out all the typos.

It doesn’t matter while I’m writing.

Because if it does matter, the logical you is interfering with the creative free you that just wants to express.

For many years I didn’t write at all.

I felt so blocked.

The idea of making mistakes, especially having a linguistic background,

seemed so horrifying to me,

that I didn’t let myself write.

What. A. Shame.


Can you imagine how many incredible amazing things people would create if they didn’t care about making mistakes?

How many wonderful relationships would blossom?

How many amazing books would be written?

How many amazing films would be made?

Or, pick any form of expression, really…….

Can you imagine how much wonderfulness would be existing in the world if nobody cared ONE BIT about making a mistake?

What is making a mistake, really?

Creating something that is not the way it’s ‘supposed to be’.

And who defined for you how things are ‘supposed to be’?

And why does it matter?

We conform to the musts supposed-tos and shoulds,

so that we are accepted, validated, loved, approved of.

But we can’t buy that.

From anyone.

Why should you buy something that is freely available to you, 

from within?

Universe can give you and IS giving you 24/7 all the love, acceptance and validation you need.

Just tune into it and feel it.

And free your art.

Whatever it is you are creating.

Let your CREATIVE GENIUS be as it is – F R E E.

True CREATIVITY serves nobody and nothing but the Universe, Creator, God, whatever it is that you call God.

True CREATIVITY is always free, that’s its nature.

True CREATIVITY is simply flowing through you as a vessel, a messenger, a vehicle for Universe to express itself in the material world.

It’s N O T about YO U.

It’s about what U N I V E R S E wishes to X-PRESS T H R O U G H you…….,

every single moment,

and every single time you hold that pen, type away on that keyboard, are tinkling the piano keys, jamming on your guitar, using your paintbrush – proverbial or not – to C R E A T E.

I was reminded today of a quote by a Portuguese philosopher who said:



This is the reason why many people are not happy in their lives.

They don’t CREATE.

They simply WORK.

Working means going through the motions, whatever, for the paycheck, for a false sense of security, for whatever reason to validate yourself and your existence.

It can be done in any area really, also in every ‘creative profession’.

You can sell yourself out in any field.

Also as a writer.

Also as a musician.

Also as an entrepreneur.

Also as an ‘artist’.

Quotation marks because:

You are not being an artist really.

Because a real artist serves only one:


The inspiration that comes from within.

The flow that is guiding everything,

from receiving the idea, to creating whatever it is you felt called to create, to sharing it with the world.

No agendas.

Just flow, expression, authenticity, truth, passion……..

There is no ‘let’s make it in such a way that it can be received in such a way so that I can feel in such a way so that…….

……….I feel I am ok.

Good enough.

Worthy enough.

Of what?

Of L O V E.


you’ve already got LOVE.

The big amazing unwavering LOVE.


Universe ADORES you.

LOVES you.


It loves you more than any human being can ever love you…….,

no matter how deeply they do.

So all that recognition…….

is fine but……..

It’s not what it’s about.

All the money……

is fine but……

It’s not what it’s about.

Sure, enjoy all the recognition and all the money you can get………

………but don’t let it own your CREATIVITY.

That’s the realm of the MUSE.

She knows how to guide you,

and what to inspire you with.

She’s working for Universe, how could she not.

And so are YOU.


Get on with it, and let her take you for a ride.

You’ll be refreshed and inspired right away.

Because all she wants is for you to serve HER,

and to create together.



Curious about working one on one with me?

Send a message….!



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