LOVE and questions….

Do you know those Yogi Tea messages that come with the tea bags?

I love one of these so much.

It says:

‘Where there is LOVE, there is no question.’

And I love it because it’s true.

Where there is LOVE,

there is CLARITY.

In the abscence of LOVE,

which is impossible really because LOVE is never NOT there, it’s a constant in life,

so let’s just say when we have let ourselves and the LOVE that we are be overshadowed by pain and fear and stuff,

in that ‘perceived’ absence of LOVE,

there is confusion, doubt, and constant battling going on, and countless questions of the egoic mind, spiced up with emotional reaction that comes with it.

Ever been in that situation – LOL! – when you get yourself hijacked and then tortured by the mental-emotional turmoil?

When you just don’t know what to do, because all of the thoughts and all of the emotions are running through you with such speed and intensity that you just can’t seem to see the light?

And you just get knee deep then chest deep then throat deep then…….. S T O P don’t go there lol, don’t go that far when you can rise out of it…..! 🙂


My latest encounter with a man was a little bit like that – a lot like that maybe? Lol!

His fears came up, my fears came up, spiraling into a whirlwind of concerns and doubts.

Of the ego of course.


‘Where there is LOVE there is no question.’

And questions there were……,

lots of them!

Is he sincere?

Does he love me?

Is he going to stop loving me when xyz happens, and when xyz doesn’t?

Will he care for me…..?

Is he faithful?

Will he stick around when things get tough?

Will he open his whole heart to me?

Is he going to treat me with love, honour, and respect?

Etc etc etc

And, the MAIN question:

Is he gonna abandon me?


That is the core question with almost every woman because it is part of the collective psyche.

It’s not that we are powerless against it, not at all, we can rise above it, FOR SURE.

But it is ‘there’ to begin with.

This is the reason – well one of the reasons – many women hold back when it comes to LOVE, or pull back altogether.


I am one of those women.

I had been single for many years before realizing that I didn’t want to not have the enjoyment of being in a true INTIMATE LOVE union.

I did not want to ‘miss’ this just because almost all the people around me were not ‘THERE’.

It doesn’t say anything about what’s possible FOR ME.

Even with this ‘male abandonment’ collective pain thing going on.

(Which I’m sure I will write more about……!

And which not only women but also men have deeply suffered from!)

So, to come back to the Yogi Tea wisdom……..,

Where there is LOVE there is no question.

This is how love melts away all the fears concerns and doubts – your LOVE, their LOVE, Universe’s LOVE,

L O V E.

Love is the answer.


And I deeply wish for every woman and man who is open to it,

to be with someone who doesn’t only LOVE them,

but also shows to them constantly with every action every word and every gesture and every deed…….,

how much they DO.

Not because you ‘need’ it but because it is NATURAL to SHARE EXPRESS and SPREAD love,

so that it can melt away all the fears all the pain all the doubts and all the concerns,

and leave no question except:


I guess there is a question where there’s LOVE after all.

L O L!!!

I wish you an amazing DAY and an even more amazing LIFE!

Let LOVE rule.


Am getting ready to start a program about How To Connect within.

If you want to learn more about it, send a message!



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