Princification πŸ’œ

I am sharing something special 2day.

It’s about Prince.

An individual that has touched so many.

That has risen to great heights as a self-made everything,

as a young man with zero supervision,

giving himself fully to music, 

to love, 

to art.

It’s been over a year since Prince’s passing.

Many things have been said and written and shared.

About the man himself, about his legacy, about his life, about his choices,

about what and who he surrounded himself with,

and how his creative genius worked day and night,

to make sure that his talent was fully used during his short stay in his body on planet Earth.

“Intelligence is not a privilege. 

It’s a gift to be used for the good of mankind.”

(I am borrowing a quote from a character in Spiderman 2 that I watched today!πŸ’ƒ)


Any talent really.

We have all the talents we have so that we can apply them in the best way possible in our daily lives,

to create a world that is more beautiful just because we were in it.

We add our beautiful piece of the puzzle, to create a beautiful constantly morphing tapestry of unique vibrations that each of us carries.

And Prince added his piece so beautifully.

He showed us how to be free.

He showed how to let go of inhibitions.

He showed us above all how to be who you ARE…….,

and nobody else than who you are.

He showed us the VALUE and the POWER of music.

And he showed us what it looks like to be a creative genius,

which we ALL are,

in our own unique way.

And not discovering that fully is such a pity….!

Not living it, too.

It can be scary sometimes to get out of the comfort zone and let yourself be led by the creative genius inside…..,

because the ego has little use of that.


WHEN you do,

doors will open into new possibilities and paths will unfold,

and you’ll feel more alive than ever before…..

It is worth it.

It’s definitely worth getting past the ego for.


And if you feel held back because you feel shy……..


…….all I can say is………

Prince was shy.

Freddy Mercury was shy.

But they didn’t allow the shyness to stop them.

They simply couldn’t.

Because they felt a F I R E burning bright inside their soul……..,

H E A R T F I R E.

And they gave that fire a place to burn.

A fire-place, you know. πŸ˜‰

Get yourself one and see where your fire takes you.


Until next time.

Lots of Love,



Getting ready to share with you a short program around tuning into you……..!

If you are interested to find out more, please send a message!


Want to work with me one on one?

Message me, darling!




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