Take A Chance!

Universe wants you to know something.

You are not alone.

You have help.

You have helpers.

You have a lot of help.

You have an army of angels and light beings helping you all the time.

They’d love to get closer and they’d love to team up with you.

They’d love for you to work together with them.

They are here for you, all the time.

24/7, also when your friends are not there.

They are always by your side.

All you have to do is call.

And again, there is a song coming through……


“You just call out my name,

And you know 

wherever I am,

I’ll come running

To see you again

Winter spring summer or fall

All you have to do is CALL,

And I’ll be there…….



Yes, you’ve got a friend, you’ve got more than one.

And they are fun.

Not to mention very helpful.

And loyal.



SUPER reliable.

And ALWAYS there – for U.

Take a chance,

and let yourself be suprised.

Ok I find it so funny what is happening to my blog posts,


because MUSIC wants to be part of them.

So here are the lines……..

………that came through to be shared.

“If you change your mind

I’m the first in line

Honey I’m still free

Take a chance on me

If you need me, let me know

Gonna be around

If you’ve got no place to go

If you’re feeling down

If you’re all alone 

When the pretty birds have flown

Honey I’m still free

Take a chance on me

Gonna do my very best 

And it ain’t no lie

If you put me to the test

if you let me try”

And this is what Universe wants you to know.

Take a chance on your helpers.

Let them be your magic weapon, your assistants.

Let yourself play with it,

discover it,

develop a relationship.

Give yourself a chance to open up to more than you’ve known and learned so far.

Let yourself be helped.

You don’t have to do it all alone, to go the distance all alone.

In fact, I am pretty sure – POSITIVE – you’ve already enjoyed their assistance MANY times,

without even knowing it or realizing it or giving if much thought.

But if you do…….

………your life can and will be much more fun, I promise you.


Take a chance….!







Second set of lyrics is from Abba! 


Want to know more about the TUNE IN program I am getting ready?

Send me a message!

Lots of Love!



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