Let Your Song Find You

Today is the first day of the rest if your life.

How cool is THAT?

2DAY you get to give form to your ‘future’ that is created right in this moment,

as I am writing to you and as you are reading these sentences……..

Today, N O W, is determining what will happen 2morrow, what will unfold.

You are constantly shaping your reality by expressing from your heart, emanating your essence……..

Sometimes this beautiful flow of your unique essence gets huge interference from the outside world,

with all the stuff going on in the world, around you, and with the whole planet…..,

and sometimes you get interferences even from within,

from your ego that has its own agenda, and from all the beliefs you have gathered, and from all the past experiences that you’ve had and all the energies you decided to store inside your body, in your system……..

Sometimes this interference can be so strong that you can’t seem to feel Y O U,

what you are about,

what Y O U want.

The whole world is screaming at you:

Come here! Go there! Buy this! Have that! You MUST do this. You MUST stay away from that.


what about Y O U!?

Where do you see yourself expressed in the world?

Where do you recognize what matters to Y O U?

What is important to Y O U?

What can Y O U R life be about?

What do Y O U love?

What do Y O U truly want?

It all starts from within.

The stronger the signal, the less interference there will be when it comes to being clear on Y O U and what Y O U want.

Honour that little voice inside your heart,

and let it G R O W,

let it become louder and louder,

so that the only song you hear every day, is the song of Y O U R H E A R T.

That is the biggest gift you can give YOURSELF.

Every bird has its own song and so do Y O U.

Let it find Y O U.

Let it find you by tuning in!

And by listening very carefully……….

It’s there,

amidst the noise of the world…..,

and it has something very special to share with Y O U.



Lots of L O V E



Do you want to know more about tuning in?

Message me!





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