Hairy Business 😜

I feel called to write about something I haven’t shared for a while, since the last time about a year (or more) ago.

I don’t know about you but for me shower time is the place to get my juices flowing.

Every single time I stand under all that running water,

ideas start to flow, 

blog posts start to write themselves etc.

Like now, it’s 1.31 am and I have to start this blog post now, 

since it wants to be written all because of that shower water. 


Blame it on the water lol.

I’ve just had memories come through of a conversation I had with a man about body hair.

It was more about woman’s body hair and the do’s and don’t’s lol,

a conversation triggered by my beautiful precious legs,

all covered with………….


……….YES they WERE………,

………h a i r.


How is it possible!?

‘You don’t shave your legs??????’

No, I don’t.

He tried to understand.


‘Well, how can you NOT?

It’s like brushing your teeth!’

The words were coming out of his beautiful mouth surrounded by a thick dark beard…….

Well, to me it’s actually not at all like brushing my teeth…..

It’s more like growing a beard.

You do or you don’t, grow a beard, 

you like it or not, having a beard.

But the big difference is that it is socially accepted – in some countries more than others – to grow a beard,

(for a man haha!)

while in most countries – in some more than others – it’s socially unaccepted to have body hair in certain places……. 

……..if you are a WOMAN.


This is the exact reason I started to play with body hair.

I had to burn off those energies of shame.

Shame for having hair on my legs.

And I did.

I placed myself with hair on my legs in different social situations, in public, 

to confront all the reasons why I would adapt myself to the norm.

It was a little bit like quitting sweets for a while to find out what emotions you’ve been suppressing with sweets,

so that you can release them once and for all,

and go back to sweets for pure enjoyment, 

no longer needing them to compensate emotionally.


My new friend thought I was an attractive woman, so the more shocking the hairy legs discovery was to him.

‘I could never date a woman who doesn’t shave her legs.’


‘And I could never date a man who would dismiss me for such a thing as hair.’

Hair comes and hair goes, but real love stays. Lol

Do you want to see it? – I asked, 

pulling up my trousers as I heard him exclaim ‘No!’.

Lol – too late.

He could hardly watch, but he wanted to see and so he looked in the same way girls often look at scary movie scenes. Lol

‘It’s a lot!’

Yes, it’s a lot lol, 

otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge. 




Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was a fabulous experience for me to bear all in front of a man who was attracted to me and was considering the possibility of a relationship with me,

and still feel as attractive, sexy, confident and unapologetic as I did before the big reveal.

It’s shocking.


And I didn’t die.


I thrived from this experience.

To all the ladies out there……,

this is not about shave or no shave…..,

this is about your why.

Are you doing it to please, to conform, to be accepted, to follow the norm and feel attractive for it……….,

or are you doing it because it pleases YOU?

It’s simple.

Being you has consequences.

But they are not as scary as the consequences of not being YOU.

Hair or no hair.


Lots of Love,



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