You Are A Ferris Wheel! πŸ˜œ

It is easy to be who you are when you let yourself XPRESS.

Simply let yourself do things that arise via your consciousness in the form of inspiration…….,

and say do act on the very thing that’s occurring 2 U.

Moment after moment.

Time after time.

Day by day.

Hour by hour.

Minute by minute.

You feel it, 

you do it.

Over and over and over again.

And this is how YOU can be Y O U.

Plain and simple.

This is how all these small and seemingly unimportant steps accumulate into a very powerful stream of consciousness that you are, 

made visible in the physical world,

through things you create, share, show in and to the world,

in any way, shape or form.

It is YOU creating Y O U.

And it’s easy if you let yourself express all the time,

because that’s what will keep your flow going,

no matter what is going on in your life.

That phone call to your friend you’ve been called to make…….,

make it.

That wonderful recipe you’ve been called to try out…….,

try it out.

That amazing hairdo you’ve been called to get…….,

get it.

And by doing so join the flow that is always present………,

whispering to you,

simply sharing with you all the seemingly unimportant things…….,

that are IT 4U,

but nothing 2 the ego.

I was on this ferris wheel the other day….,

and I was watching it for a while after I got off.

It was turning and turning and turning…..,

and people were constantly getting off,

and new people were constantly getting on………

And as I was watching I thought:

This is exactly how CREATIVITY and FLOW work……!

In order to flow and to keep creative ideas coming in……..,

you have to keep emptying yourself out.


You have to express and act on the inspiration you are receiving……,

and as you express it and act on it,

Universe can keep pouring new inspiration into you.

Imagine that nobody would get off this wheel.

Very soon no people could get on it because all the seats would be taken.

And to have new people get on the wheel,

someone will have to get off.


It’s so simple.

So if you want new ideas and inspiration then you have to start emptying out, so that Universe can give you some.

If you want FLOW – the same thing.

Let yourself act on some things you’ve been putting off…..,

and be surprised at how easy you can get back into flow again.

F L O W is easy and always there.


Question is –

are you playing in and with it,

or are you on the sidelines?



Lots of Love,



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