Merry-Go-Round, or……?

I have always been in touch with who I truly AM.

Since early childhood.

I have always felt the presence of this Higher Power,

as earthlings call it.

To me this Higher Power is something that is not up there,

it is something that is IN H E R E.

In my HEART,

in my BODY,

in every cell and every particle of my earthly vehicle.

I am a traveler,

traveling through this gorgeous space that’s called EARTH,

with all its bountiful delights,

ready to give to us,


shower us,


and welcoming us into all its wondrous displays of L O V E,

with its beautiful SUNSETS and SUNRISES,

its gorgeous animals and plants,

its amazing minerals and precious stones,

and everything else in between.

I am aware that to the human mind that is super overtaken by the egoic energies…….,

all of this is not a big deal, not important,

because there is so much stuff to do that has value to the ego.

But not to you.

If you have ever been blown away by a gorgeous sunset –

you know the feeling.

The feeling of – something amazing is here and I am part of it.

In that moment,

when you felt it,

nothing mattered,

nothing existed,

and you knew what was and is truly important to you,

beyond any doubt.

You knew in an instant that this is how you want to feel,

all the time.

Or at least most of the time.

And then you forgot.

And you went on with your life.

Got back to your chores.

Found your routine again.

And settled.

The intensity that you felt,

the aliveness of that moment,

seemed more and more distant,

and became a thing of the past,

and even such a vague memory,

that at times you wondered if it was real or true,

if you were lucky enough to remember……..


it got pushed back into the attics of your existence,

and you don’t even remember any longer,

what it was like,

what it felt like,

to feel alive,

to feel you,

to be clear,

to feel your heart,

to know your passion.

And perhaps you turned to your friends who are as immersed as you into ‘life as you know it’ and you agreed with them that Yes, this is it.

This is all that is possible.

There’s nothing more to life than this.

And you decided that it was not possible to wake up from the slumber, and to stay awake……..,

you have your friends to keep you in there,

in the land of possibilities……,

without stepping into any of them…….,

repeating repeating repeating in circles same old same old same old.

Like on a merry-go-round……..

It’s not so bad…….

There are beautiful lights,

there are pretty horses and camels on it to ride,

there is movement,

even if it’s repeated movement, and in one same direction, never changed,

it is still moving, and I have the illusion of moving forward in life,

so it’s not so baaaaaaad……,

and the flickering lights are pretty……,

they get me every time.


a merry-go-round is a merry-go-round.

It goes round and round and round and round,

and although it is fun (for a while) it cannot bring you anything new, 

truly new……,

it can only bring you what you already have known, have seen, have experienced…….

It can never renew your life……..

Make it truly exciting and fun,

full of dancing-with-all-life,

adventure after adventure after adventure after adventure,

getting to know yourself more and more,

discovering all about you more and more,

creating as you more and more,

more and more and more of what you love.

What if you decided to wake up from the slumber?

Get off the merry-go-round?

Even if you didn’t have the slightest idea about where it would take you?

What if you said yes to being shown?

Being shown what else is out there, 

for you, 

beyond the merry-go-round that you know oh so well?

Beyond the going through the motions?

Beyond the repetition of the known?

Beyond the familiar stuff?

Beyond all the things you are ‘used to’?

Beyond what you’ve known about yourself and what you love so far?

Beyond the predictable?

How about saying Y E S to Y O U,

to finding Y O U,

to being guided by Y O U,

led by Y O U,

following Y O U,

for a change?

How about letting the ego and living from fear be……….?

How about no longer being led by what is safe – seems safe to the ego – but being led by what is Y O U ?

What if you changed the merry-go-round for something better, 

by simply saying yes to it, internally, 

before unwrapping the present, 

and simply trusting Universe to be bringing you only something that is G O O D………

………G O O D 4 Y O U ?

What would it be like?






Psssssssstttttt Tune Into You…….

It’s here.

Send a message…..!




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