Bye bye ego……

Today I watched a film that was screened by the Universe lol.

As I sat down to write today’s blog I was guided to turn on the tv instead.

It was late but Universe always knows better,

that I know for sure,

so I followed and saw Paramount’s logo on the screen –

a film!

And what I was guided to watch was…..

…..How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days.


I was reminded by watching this film how I too ‘lost a guy in 10 days’ myself.


Not so funny.

Depending on how you look at it.

But, from Spirit’s perspective everything is funny,

because nothing is serious,

and serious really truly belongs to humans, to mankind,

but never to Universe.

Universe is true,

but not serious.

Except for Sirius of course,

but those are humourous too.

Like me.


In any case, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and so I cried.


Simple movie, deep message.


I was touched by how I fought with all I had to bring up any barriers I could bring to being together.

And it worked.

Sad really, in a way, to unconsciously or semi-consciously work against love…….,

for two reasons:

a) to avoid having love and then loosing it – as most attempts to love end up in painful breakups or loveless relationships,

b) to test, making sure you’ve got someone in front of you who can stand by you not only in for better but also for worse.


These are games ego plays.

Real games…….,

to protect from danger…..,

danger of having ‘bad stuff’ happen again.

No way…..,

I got this.

Says the ego.

I got this, watch me!

Thank you, lol.

You are killing every opportunity to feel loved and to love.

Shooting down the candidates.


Keeping the princes in the Tower.

Oooooooohhhhhhh, don’t let her escape,

who knows what trouble she’ll get into,

following that heart of hers.

We must put an end to that.

Take care of that.

Let her be safe.


But what if she already I S safe dear ego?

What if following her heart is the safest thing to do?

And going with the flow, 

not knowing where the flow will take her, 

what it will bring her…….,

trusting Universe to take care of it all……

Do you know Universe knows better all the time & every time, ego…..?

Can you imagine that Universe has it all taken care of, and doesn’t really need any help from you, dear ego?

Do you know that you’ve been a great help for so long,

but now that things have changed,

it is time for you to retire……,

and start getting used to sipping cocktails at the beach while things are wrapping up for you?

Beautiful ego,

it is time to go…….,

time to step aside,

step down,


take the back seat.

Time to be no longer in control,

orchestrating things.


someone else has stepped up,

stepped in,

stepped to the front…….,

to lead,

to guide,

to let things come about……,

and they are super qualified for the job,

the job of steering me.

Thank you, ego, for taking such a great care of me.

It’s been great having you help me all those times.

But now……..,

times have changed…..,

and it is time for something new,

for you too.

Enjoy your retirement.

And I am going to enjoy my life.

Thank you.

Love you.


Here’s Prince…..!

‘I know times are changing

It’s time we all reach out

For something new, 

That means you too’


And that’s a wrap!




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