LOVE and questions…….. (Part Two)

Some days ago I wrote about all the ‘questions’ that popped up expressing the egoic concerns about whether someone is the right one for me or not. Lol

I cited the quotes from my own little mental-emotional devil lol that is very much like anybody else’s, 

as all egos work in a similar way, making their unique expression of all they can work with.


I feel it is important to add,

that it’s often not about ‘them’ being or not being a certain way but us……..

Being able to express our love and not shut down,

wherever they are at.

It’s so easy to get into the shutdown mode, close your heart until further notice……

But that further notice…….


Sooner or later you will want to open your heart again…..,

so why go into the shutdown anyway?

I get it, I know it, 

your first response is: close your heart,

don’t open that door again….,

why did I open it anyway…?

Ego ego ego ego

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


With all that’s given.

From the heart.

It pays to learn how to dance from the heart,


remember is more like it,

while you are in ‘calm’ waters.

Because once you start to step up and into something new…..,

the ego will be fierce!

And you’ll be equipped to dance with through and in it,

no matter what it is.

That’s the key to all the ego’s ‘questions’ aka things and tools to keep you in a box with (=’safe’).

Remember that saying?

Ships in harbour are safe.

But that’s not what ships are built for.

We are not built to stay in harbour all of our lives.

Most of our lives – neither.

(Unless you don’t want to discover all the beauty, enjoy all the wonderful things life on planet earth has to offer….)

We are built to DISCOVER, ENOY, and PLAYFULLY CREATE a life that is a true EXPRESSION of our creator essence……

And that is the best medicine for ‘questions’ interrogation and overprotective controlling behaviours our ego is showing us.

In any case,

whatever it shows you,

KNOW – that’s not you…..

I want to end with this little share from Madonna, during an interview with O-prah, that I remembered while writing this now.

Madonna was telling Oprah about being snappy with her daughter at one occasion – a behaviour she herself didn’t appreciate so much – and hearing her daughter say:

“Mum, I know it’s not you.”


And that is the E N D of it.

Lots of Love,




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