What to do when you feel bored?

Someone asked this question in a group and got different responses that mostly involved new interests etc……

I was amused.

Because, as much as you can ‘spice it up’ with new things……..

………the ‘newness’ is eventually going to wear off,

and you’ll find yourself in Boredland again.

It’s a little bit like saying to someone who is bored in their love relationship, 

to get a new love interest or…… 

buy their existing interest something new, take them to a new place etc etc.

Again, absolutely nothing wrong with that!

It’s always great to find new avenues,

explore new ways,

do different, new things.

It’s great and very healthy.

It breaks the rut if you find yourself in one.

It moves energy if you find yourself in stagnation.


the real deep source of boredom is in fact……..

……..something as simple as……….

……..a disconnect.

To get out of the state of being bored……,

it’s enough to (re)connect.

To you,

to your life,

to your partner.

In connection,

or in being preset to connection I must say,

since we are always connected,

but not always present to it,

a state of aliveness, excitement, discovery and wonder always shows itself eventually.

First we might encounter,

or will encounter,

some energies of separation,

which are the very reason for feeling disconnected in any relationship,

be it with yourself,

your body,

your life partner,


But once you’ve burnt those off with the fire of your presence……,

an aliveness will be found,

and boredom will be lost.

From this state ideas and guidance keep flowing and flowing,

and you’ll be flowing from one thing to the next,

spiraling upward and outward on and on and on,

with never a dull moment,

and always something to create and to expand into.

You might have your spells of %^*+#>~ but these will be very short lived……..

………because in connection everything is a dance,

always moving and changing direction,

surprising you with the outcomes.

So if you are bored…….

…….get connected,

get present to connection that’s already there,

love that’s already there,

lightness that’s already there,

and stay present to it,

no matter what.

Let yourself be guided,

and let yourself be shown…….

…….what’s inside.

Because what’s inside of you is never ever boring,

what’s inside of you is an amazing treasure…..

Your heart is the doorway to your true passion for life……,

no matter what you do.

And although we all have our unique preferences for activities that we love and enjoy,

and that make our heart sing……,

the absence of boredom lies in feeling you……..,

and expressing you……..

And it’s not the activity that brings you joy,

but you bringing joy THROUGH the activity.

The joy the aliveness that’s already there…..,

and that cannot be found outside,

no matter how many new things you introduce into your life……

Just like with children that are excited about being alive…….,

and don’t need the outside world to feel that………

It comes from the inside.


Go within and unleash Y O U.

Anything else is a temporary fix.

Just sayin’.




Do you want to know about Tune Into You program?

Send me a message…..!




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