Enjoyment – An Inside Job

True enjoyment comes from flow, 
from being you, 

expressing you, 

interacting with your environment, with the physical world, as you.

It’s not so much the activity, although we do have our preferences for things we truly enjoy and love and that light us up.

True enjoyment if flow……..

True enjoyment is going with what is flowing from within as inspiration, as guidance…….

Flow is being guided from inside of you, 

by the Spirit that you are…….

Flow is your inner radar inspiration……

It is natural and it comes from your inner knowing,

unleashing what is being asked for in every moment,

every single day.

Flow is based in your inner knowing that always has a greater broader and clearer perspective…….,

making everything in your life simply work, with ease.

If you learn to listen to it and surrender to it,

yourself, your life, your everything……,

you will have a taste of true enjoyment.

And it can’t compare to anything else.

Imagine making a list from your head……,

knowing that for most people the head is run by egoic energies,

and is not used as a tool for the Spirit that you are,

but as one of the ego…..

Imagine making a list of things to do in this order, that is decided by the egoic mind……,

and then doing all the activities, ticking off the items on your list.

I can tell you you will not enjoy…….

Sure, you might experience some high that seems like enjoyment……

……..but it’s the ‘fun’ of the ego…..,

that loves seeing things done, accomplish, conquer etc.

There is this feeling of satisfaction……..

But it’s nothing compared to the feeling of fulfillment when you are going with the flow of your inner knowing.

Your ‘inner knowing list’ is composed in a very different way, 

taking into account all the stuff you can’t know yet, can’t see yet, can’t notice yet, can’t oversee.

Your inner knowing gives you a heads up all the time.

Because it knows stuff.

It knows much more than the egoic mind can ever tell you.

It is a much better guide.

Imagine you have to write a piece and you have a deadline to have it finished by tomorrow,

and at the same time you have a friend who’s in town and who wants to meet up with you today or tomorrow…..,

and logically you’d choose tomorrow, 

so that you can meet the deadline and see the friend the next day……

But your inner knowing tells you…….


meet the friend today…….,

and you are like: 

are you playing with me….???!

(Believe me, I’ve been in enough situations like that, being trained by Universe to go with the flow….! Lol)

Imagine you do go with inner knowing……, or you go with the egoic mind………,

and the next day you find out they decided to publish your article in the next month’s issue…….,

and your friend got into a serious accident and passed away.

I know I know I know,

it’s a rather extreme example,

but very very very real.

Just talk to people who didn’t get on that plane or into that building or travel to that place etc……,

because of a ‘feeling’……..


This is how it works…….

So what does this have to do with enjoyment….?!



Because flow and inner knowing will always guide you to do the ‘right’ thing at the ‘right’ time……

It will guide you to do every single activity…..,

from taxes to cleaning to creating to playing with your kids to visiting your friends to you name it……,

at the most beneficial time.

It means that there will be no effort required, no pushing no pulling no hard work,

but simply flowing……,

simply B E I N G.

It is a very yummy quality…..

And it comes from being tuned in, connected within.

Another example comes to mind……

I was volunteering in this project and I was partnered with another girl to do the floors that got covered with paint here and there.

First person would scrub them……., second person would remove the dirt left behind.

I was super connected within and I was doing my part of the job, the first one.

It was easy for me and I enjoyed and flowed with it even though it was not a very fun job to do (at least for me it wasn’t! Lol).

My colleague was struggling with hers….., very unhappy.

After a short while she wanted to switch.

I think she might have thought my job was easier (which it wasn’t, on the contrary…..).

We swapped and I continued in the same way doing the second task……

My colleague struggled even more doing her new task….. and was very dissatisfied.

Very soon she wanted to change again.

This time she stayed with her job until it was done.


Such a great example of finding enjoyment by tuning into you and flowing with what’s in front of you…….

Because of that, 

my job was easy and looked easy to my colleague…….

And it was all an inside job.






Are you ready to Tune Into You…….?

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