L O V E ðŸ’œ

Are you ready for L O V E?

Really truly, 
for true love?

True real love is not a joke.
It’s not something you can hide from.
It’s not something that will let you be absent.
It’s not a place where you can not show up.
It’s a place that will challenge you.
Scare the shit out if your ego.
Make you run if you let ego win.
Make you suffer if you let ego have its way with you.
Confuse you if you let yourself buy into the ego.
Bring all your triggers to the surface.
Leave nothing unseen.
No stone unturned.
No piece of you untouched.
It will shine its amazing light on all of you,
making your fears so visible that you will go into fight or flight,
unless you can stay in your heart.
It will touch you in such a deep way that you know and feel: this 😃 is L O V E 💜 
……..and this never happened before.
You will want to come clean with everything.
Bear all.
Tell your whole story.
Show your fears.
Show your pain.
Show your ‘so called imperfections aka things you don’t like about yourself’.
It will bring out the desire to be honest with and in yourself.
And to be true to your H E A R T,
your real guide.
If you are not ready, 
and let yourself be scared off by the ego,
you will run,
you will fight,
you will abandon………
Love doesn’t die……..
It will always shine its light on you………
………until you are ready and willing to let L O V E rule and guide…….,
and you can wait for days for weeks for months for years…….,
and you can wait also until you are ready to leave the physical body……,
and no matter how long you let yourself keep away from real true love,
no matter how long you are settling for less than real true L O V E……,
the day will come that you realize that ALL THERE IS and ALL THERE EVER WAS and ALL THAT ALWAYS MATTERED COUNTED and was REAL……..,
was and is……….
L O V E.
Love the LOVE,
share the LOVE,
and L O V E fully……,
or run from it,
hide from it,
make excuses,
fight it……,
let your ego run your life……,
until one day you know the truth,
wake up from the dream,
and feel the PASSION of YOUR ❤️ H E A R T ❤️ and the necessity…………
to simply L O V E,
with abandon,
without holding back,
and with all of you…………,
That is the D O O R to Y O U R life.
Your Life you were born to live.
Passion of the H E A R T.
Wisdom of the H E A R T.
Knowing of the H E A R T.
Inspiration of the H E A R T.
Guidance of the H E A R T.
Pleasure of the H E A R T.
Enjoyment of the H E A R T.
Creativity of the H E A R T.
Joy of the H E A R T.
Bliss of the H E A R T.
Fruition of the H E A R T.
Love of the H E A R T.
Peace of the H E A R T.
Beauty of the H E A R T.
All Yours.
Right here right now.
Inside if you.
Waiting to be discovered,
and shared,
in your unique way.
Run with it……..,

Lots Of Love

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Purple Heart Forever 🙂

I just loved saying that lol.


Have an amazing day….!




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