Your Heart Is Waiting 💖

Have you ever told yourself how much you are loved….?

Have you ever felt yourself 

how much you are given to and 

how deeply you are honoured and 

how profoundly you are loved and cared for?

It is so easy to not notice but at the same time it is hard not to……….

The whole Universe loves you,

sustains you,

celebrates you.

Yes but.

What about this and this and this and that.

I don’t feel this at all.

I don’t see this.

I have zero proof.

It is not the truth.

Haha who is talking here?

It is certainly not you.


Because Y O U,

the one I am speaking to right now,

Y O U,

you know.

You feel it you know it you see it you sense it you taste it……….,


there’s the ‘not you’ that runs the show,


a lot of times,

all the times,


it is hard then to know to feel to sense to taste Y O U,

and you might let yourself forget……,

and get used to having forgotten,

and feel well kinda ok with the status quo,

with the absence of L O V E,

and you live like this but deep down you know…………

Ooooooh this does not feel good.

It feels comfortable because I am used to it, I know it, I know what to expect from it…….,

but it does not feel good.

Oh God.

Just as this food that I am eating because I have always eaten it,

and even though I don’t really like it…….,

I feel comfortable eating it and comforted at the same time……..

It’s what I know.

And who cares that I have had to numb my senses so that I don’t feel taste and sense and know that this is not really what I want.

Not on my plate.

Not in my Life.

‘If I don’t feel it I can pretend I don’t know it.’

The so called you can go on like this forever.

And before you know it your time is up, and you have to go………

………and leave the body……….,

and all you’ve ever known is what was familiar and comfortable and comforting.

I have to laugh because the most amazing things were created by the exact ‘opposite’.

The music you love so much, the films and all the stuff that really blows your mind……,

it didn’t come from familiar,

it didn’t come from comfortable,

it didn’t come from comforting.

It came from going beyond,

feeling your way,

creating your path,

venturing into the unknown.

Your only partner in that is Y O U,

your L O V E,

your H E A R T,

your P A S S I O N.

You are alive,

and so are your dreams,

and you have been running out of places to hide…..,

ways to numb yourself,

and your life is calling,

and it will be calling louder and louder,

and if you really answer and listen and receive,

this gift of the kick in the ***,

and show up,

and let your heart lead,

and not the ego,

if you can only let your heart be more important than your ego,

more important than what you’ve known so far,

learned so far,

if you can let your heart be the LEAD in your life,

not the best supporting actor,

but the MAIN LEAD,

then and only then,

will you taste, and sense and know,

all that you already taste and sense and know as Y O U,

all that is within,

all that’s been waiting for you,

to be discovered,

and felt,

and tasted,

and known.

Your heart is waiting,

and the time is N O W.

Take a chance on your heart.

It won’t disappoint you.


Lots of love,



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