Emotions – Energy In Motion

That’s right, 

that’s what an emotion is.

But humans give it such importance by identifying themselves with it,

and by getting entangled with it,

that suddenly it becomes this big big monster.

Monster you have to run from, or fight.

It’s so scary ooooooohhhhhh watch out make sure you catch it before it comes out,

and manage to suppress it…….

Whatever you can use to suppress it……,

to run from it…….,

from food to tv to sex to………

There’s so much you can use to suppress lol…….,

basically anything,

alcohol, sugar, social life, work…….

So many ways to escape to be too busy for that emotion to surface, God forbid!

I remember I first started to wake up……..

My very first side effect was that I was highly emotional,

so deeply touched by anything and everything……,

not to mention all the clearing that was going on at such a high speed and with such an intensity,

that I would burst out in tears wherever I was at the moment it happened.

There was no way I could push them back,

nor did I want to do so because…..,

let’s face it…..

Who wants to walk around with lots of emotions (energy) suppressed held in the body………,

sitting there as a block where flow could be.

And I must say people around me felt very uncomfortable.

To say the least.

That happens when you cry deeply in front of someone who is suppressing a lot of their own ^€%#*.

You know.

But that was ok.

I felt them but I didn’t care,

and I just went on with letting the rivers run.


Then I started to read and attend all kinds of spiritual stuff.


I got into a new cycle of not letting the emotions just flow, just be, whatever.

Learning to not be emotional, and to always watch it and not loose it and stay peaceful calm and centered.

Funny thing is,

when you are peaceful calm and centered as you are, you never have to try to be peaceful calm and centered.

Being it comes from BEING it,

and not from forcing it upon you or achieving it,

or trying.

If emotion moves through you,

the only job you have is to just let it move through you and out.

That’s what it’s doing,

it is moving out of your system.

It doesn’t need to be caught and analysed or judged,

it doesn’t need to be sent back to where it is surfacing from,

it also doesn’t need a new location in your body to live,

it just wants out.

Because you are ready to let it out.

I am so glad that eventually I got that.

And life had become much more fun once I did it.


So how can you help yourself to move them out instead of back in, lol?











Let it out.

‘Shout, shout, let it all out. 

These are the things I can do without. 

Come on, I’m talking to you, come on.’

Let it all out.

Lots of Love,




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