It’s so vital to bring things to completion.

Then we can let ourselves step into next and next and next……..
and externally.
If we don’t bring things to a full completion,
then we’ll keep dragging the bits and pieces that are the remains of that relationship, that job, that project, that business endeavor, etc.
We’ll be dragging those energies along and wonder why we don’t feel like flying forward.
Well, it’s kinda hard to get off the ground if your hot air balloon has a lot of weight attached to it.
It’s much easier to fly high……….
………..when there’s no weight………,
……… holding on to energies and situations scenarios opportunities and possibilities long gone………..,
letting them be and setting them and yourself free.
Let it go, let it go………
Let all the unnecessary excess luggage go…….
There’s no need to hold on because there is so much waiting for you once you let go,
once you make space.
Say 🌟yes🌟 to the new by letting go of the old.
Something that was not a good fit for you, did not ‘work out’, come about, come to fruition…….,
just let it be,
and set it free.
Let it be done and complete.
Let it be gone,
and stay gone.
What is truly yours will come and stay and come to complete fruition.
What is not truly yours will come and go.
And that’s ok.
Let it go,
and let it be gone.
So often the human self feels like holding on to something that seems good,
occupying the space so that something that’s great can not enter.
Let it go,
let it be gone.
Set it free.
Sometimes it feels like it’s better to have something that’s not a perfect fit than to have nothing at all.
And so you hold on internally,
to something that has served its purpose,
and seeks completion.
Completion means that it doesn’t occupy your space physically, mentally, emotionally.
It means that this space that’s not occupied by these things that no longer serve………,
can be used for new creations that are coming into your like.
Keep that space free from clutter.
Let it be gone,
and stay gone.
Say to yourself that you are done with it.
And mean it.
Then everything will fall out of and into place.
For you.
Say No to energetic clutter,
and say yes to clear you.
Lots of Love
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