Dance With Universe ðŸ’Ž

Yesterday I was presented with yet another illustration of the power of presence.

Of how everything works itself out by itself,

without our interference, and without us working for a resolution,


They say relationships require work, and they say everything requires work.

If you want something you have to work for it.

Better yet, you have to work hard.

But, how many people are working hard?

How many of them have a life they dream of?

It’s not about working hard, really,

it’s about showing up,

being present,


in your life.

Not going after things,

not fixing things ‘out there’,

be it relationship, business, anything really.

And when we are simply very present,

and showing up,

and right there,

not fighting and not flighting,


(I wrote that, yes 😃)




UNIVERSE works through us and FOR us,

without us having to do any heavy lifting,

or any lifting at all.

We are just required to D A N C E.

Show up and DANCE.

Universe is constantly saying and asking:

May I have this DANCE with you?

Yes it IS…..!

It is constantly here, right here, willing and ready to dance with you!


in order to DANCE,

as you might have guessed yourself already……..,

one requires a WILLING dance partner,


Imagine dancing with someone who sits in a chair and doesn’t want to come to the dance floor……

Fat chance for dancing a beautiful dance. 🙂

Imagine dancing with someone who did come to the dance floor with you but they are absent in the dance…..

Fat chance for dancing a beautiful dance. 

Imagine dancing with someone who is constantly being lost in thought and all kinds of judgments, etc……, or consumed by fears…….

Fat chance for a beautiful dance.

Imagine dancing with someone who checks out in the middle of the dance and leaves the dance floor………

Fat chance for A Beautiful Dance.

Fat chance.

Fat chance.

Fat chance.

Fat chance.

F a t.

C h a n c e.

Did you hear it…….?

Fat. Chance.


Universe can do so much but it can’t dance with you,

if you are not showing up as an equal dance partner.

So, I wanted to share this beautiful thing about the ways of Universe.

It’s funny, really.

It’s an illustration of how easy things are,

and how easy things can be…….,

once we get out of the way with all our hard work etc.

Of course, this way requires that we are present and clear and honest with ourselves………


I was in this Portuguese class – taken final exam yesterday! – and the school where I was taking this class introduced a new payment system in the canteen.

No cash from now on, only card.

And we ended up using one collective card for the whole group. 

(I will not bore you with details, it’s complicated, lol!)

And so here I was one week ago, dying for a (barley) coffee, and without a card,

faced with quite a situation with the canteen lady lol.

She was so completely triggered by other students helping me out and ordering coffee for me,

that she returned to the counter from her break and attacked both her friendly colleague and the helpful teens, lol, saying no word to me while I was standing right before her.

No card no coffee!

(It’s complicated lol!)


This behaviour was so not ok.

And I pondered whether I should have a conversation with the lady,

but I felt it was ok to just let it go……..

The egoic mind objected: it’s not ok, she should know that, the teens should be praised not scolded for helping a stranger, and the colleague should not be treated like he’s incapable of taking his decisions etc etc.

Should should should should should…….

This would get you to work, and hard work, no?



I had let it be, as guided from within, 

and remained simply the one who witnessed………


Then yesterday happened.

I walk into the canteen and see my classmates sitting at a table.

To my surprise, my classmates are drinking coffee, lol.

Me: How did you get coffee without a card??!

Classmates: We said we’ll give money to our teacher, and she will pay for our coffees later with her card.


At the counter I was served by the previously cross canteen lady,

in a very friendly manner,

getting my drink on the same conditions as my classmates,

without a card.


I didn’t do anything to fix something that didn’t need fixing, to begin with,

and Universe created harmony as the result of that.

Simply because I got out of the way and let the Universe do the work, as guided.


No work and all play.



Lots of Love,



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