New Day!

Today is the first day of a brand new month!

How are you going to pass it….?

Are you creating your life your days your months?

Your energetic alignment certainly counts!

Is it: 

What %^#€>* is THIS month going to bring!?

Or is it: 

Wow, I am wondering what this month will bring…..?!

I wonder how much I will be able to enjoy?!

I wonder……

…… much amazingness will come my way?!

How much I will heal, and how much more deeply,

how much will I embrace, and how much more fully,

how much more wonderfulness is going to come into my life,

what is it going to be like to grow even further,

enjoy even deeper,

be myself even more,

shed more masks and strip myself bare to the core of who I am….

I wonder how much deeper I will let myself be LOVED,

and how much deeper I will allow myself to LOVE.

I wonder what talents I will discover and acknowledge and grow….

I wonder what trips I will make,

and who I will meet…….

I wonder how much I’ll be shown about myself,

and learn about what I want.

I wonder how much clearer I will become.

And how much more true to me I will be.

I wonder how much more the heart will be put above the ego……

Maybe even completely, fully and permanently….?

I wonder what new love I will meet,

or what ‘old’ love will come back.

I wonder what I will create,

and how many people will benefit from it.

I wonder what blessings this month is going to bring,

to me,

to you,

to us collectively.


I wonder how much further I will expand,

and how many quantum jumps I’ll do,

in every area of my life…..

I wonder how much I will laugh and play,

and how easy everything will be,

just because I let it.

I wonder what LOVE is going to metamorphosize my life into.

I am so excited to see and feel it!

I am excited to see what my life will look like when this month of July is saying its goodbyes and August is getting ready for its hellos…..

Oooohhhhh but August isn’t knocking on the door yet,

but July is already here…….

July, tell me, what blessings, gifts and presents have you got for me?

I say YES to them all.

With a FULL YES, you know.

Not with a meeehhhhhh yes)))))))))))))


July, HELLO!




You’ve got a carte blanche from me…..!

Show me what you’ve got,

the best of it!




Want to activate your power, freedom, and potential….?

Message me for a private session!

Lots of Love,




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