All About Truth

Whatever I write whatever you read……..,

P L E A S E…….,

don’t consume it,

chew it and swallow it,



Poop out.


P L E A S E………,

F E E L,

what you feel inside as the result of being exposed to what I write…..,

what anybody writes really……..

You have YOUR truth right in your heart,

all that you know al-ready,

all that you are al-ready.

You have all of it in YOU.

Inside your very precious beautiful gorgeous magnificent amazing heart.

You do.

Feel it.

Feel it even if you can’t feel it.

Just go there.

And feel.

Tune in.


Feel your ESSENCE,

Your H E A R T.


Perhaps at times hijacked by the egoic bs?

Perhaps all the time hijacked by the egoic bs?

Maybe you don’t even know what egoic bs is because you are in it all the time…..,

or maybe you know it too well because you know you are in it a lot of of the time….?

Maybe you are so tuned in that no bs can get you?


But wherever you are,

your HEART is right there with Y O U.


Lots of Love,

V I O L E T πŸ’œ


Have you wondered about working eith me 1 on 1…..?

Send a message to find out more…..!

LOL Lots Of Love!



4 thoughts on “All About Truth

      1. Sure…. For example, when you say “You have YOUR truth right in your heart”, people may still find it a bit confusing or philosophical. But if it’s like “When you can’t decide what to do, ask your heart, it’ll show you what’s right… By being honest to yourself, you’ll find your truth”, it sounds simpler. Long yet simple.
        Maybe I’m wrong and I understood what you said wrongly but I think the more you explain it, the simpler it is.
        These are things people usually don’t take time to think. When you’re taking this beautiful step to make them realise, what can be better if you make them understand and guide them the right way too.

        Your start was great, I was attracted by that. When you say “Feel your ESSENCE” People may still be lost. But add a few lines to let them know what you mean exactly….and I’m sure you’ll make it much more thought provoking πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. @snowdrop Thank You for your comment! Truth is that I write from flow. It means I write the way it comes from inside, from inner guidance and flow – if that makes sense to you – so it’s not ‘me’ who ‘decides’ what I write about and what words I use…..
        Who knows the wordings might change over time!
        What I love is that you read all that from one short phrase……
        And I bet that someone else would have translated the same phrase in a different – perfect for them – way. πŸ™‚
        I love it that you take time to comment, so thank you. Keep sharing what you feel called to share!

        Liked by 1 person

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