Y E S 2 C h a n g e!

All change comes from within.

Hear it all the time!


Do you FEEL it as deeply as it is,

That All Change Truly Comes From Within?

Often, we go and look in the outside world for what we need, want, desire……,

without realizing it.

Have you had a thing where you just can’t seem to make the change,

the change you say you want, you need, you really really want to happen in your life?

I challenge you right now to take a closer and a deeper look at it…….!


But I have!

Look closer!

I did….!

Go deeper.

Sit with it………

Feel it………

Breathe with it and through it and into it……..

Just Do It.

Like Nike. 🙂

Just. Do. It.

And ask yourself:

Is there a tiny little chance that you are,


perhaps perhaps perhaps (!),

are waiting for a solution to come from outside of yourself…..?

Maybe you’ll meet some guru,

some expert,

some healer…..,

find some info,



Maybe there is some modality that fixes ‘your’ ‘problem’……?

You just haven’t stumbled upon it yet…….

Maybe maybe maybe……,

if you change locations,




maybe THEN you’ll be cured, finally….!!!!!!

That would be your lucky day.

Some Day.

When you meet/change/find/discover something in the outside world…..,


it will be different.


The truth is that none of it will work UNLESS.

Unless you come from within,

with the solution that is already there.

No One can do it for you,

without this internal YES.

Not the guru,

not the method,

not the super duper program,

not the change of scenery,

nothing from the outside world.

The outside world might be and most likely is an amazing activator, wake up call, and catalyst for you,

but still,

any change,




comes from within.

It comes from and with Y O U R YES.

Your YES to having it resolved,

your yes to following the breadcrumbs of Universe,

your yes to journeying through it successfully,

your yes to fully committing to it,

your yes to receiving it,

your yes to being ok without it,

your yes to embracing it,

your yes to running with it.

It all comes from within.

All you have to do is say Y E S,

to start a chain reaction.

Universe is at your feet,

ready to throw all the things at you that will help you get there.

Your entry ticket to this party?

Y O U R 

F U L L 

Y E S.


Lots of Love….!



Have you checked out my amazing ebook that came out this April?

It’s available through Amazon, and you can purchase it HERE……..!



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