💖 1st :)

Are you putting Y O U R H E A R T first….?

Are you really?

Are you following your heart no matter what?

Are you letting your heart be more important than the ego?

Are you letting Y O U R H E A R T guide the way?

Are you letting Y O U R H E A R T shine brightly?

Are you letting it show you what you really want?

Where you really want to go?

What you really want to do?

Do you let it speak to you, and DO you listen?

Are you in complete full alignment with it,

to your highest best ability?

Right now?

Are you?

Do you?

It’s so easy to confuse the ego with heart.

Yet the two feel so different, lol.

The one is expansive and fulfilling.

The other is contracting and satisfying.

That’s the difference, and it can be felt very easily,

once you let yourself feel discover and align with your heart.

Once you feel its breathe of fresh air, the feeling of pure freedom and flow and enjoyment and expansiveness it brings to the table………..,

well you’ll crave ego no more.

It will feel like a jail,

and you will feel like a slave.

But you are not a slave.

You are not here to chase goal after goal after goal after goal,

accomplishment after accomplishment after accomplishment after accomplishment,

trophy after trophy after trophy after trophy,

so that you can prove your existence, your validity, your value, your worth,

and the fact that indeed you do deserve love.



That’s not why you are HERE.


What’s the point of getting to the goals, achieving the achievements, accomplish the accomplishments, win the trophies……,

when you miss the whole point,

the true reason why you are here…..?

To be the magnificent Y O U,

to express as Y OU,

to live as Y O U,

to enjoy as Y O U,

to create all the amazing stuff you can create,

receive all the fantastic stuff you can receive,

and DANCE DANCE DANCE with all of you.

All your talents,

your passions,

your gifts,

your life force energy,

are all the instruments for and of your H E A R T,

to express Y O U,

to create as Y O U.

They are in no way the slaves for the ego to use in its own agendas and games.

They are Y O U R S.

Not your ego’s,

but Y O U R S.

Let your heart use them.

Let yourself feel the quality of your ambitions,

your desires,

your dreams,

your projects…….

Let yourself feel the energy behind them.

Is it heart?

Or is it ego…..?

You get to decide what it is you serve,

with you energy,

with your talents,

with your passions,

and with your skills.

You get yo decide your priorities,

and the eventual F E E L I N G that comes with it.

Is it H E A R T or is it E G O……..?

The choice is all YOURS.

Let yourself get to your real goals,

what you really want to get to,

to experience to be.

Let it be the call of your heart.

It is so much sweeter than anything else.


Lots of Love….!




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