Flow Is Everything πŸ˜œ

Flow Is Everything.


Flow is Heart expressing itself.

Flow is no work.

Flow is being who you are.

Doing what you want.

Not from the ego-me perspective, lol, 

but from your heart perspective.

Flow is saving time.

Flow is having fun.

Flow is being productive, 

even when the ego is heavily disagreeing with you on that.

Flow is passion.

Flow is compassion.

Flow is power.

Flow is JOY.

Flow is flourishment.

Flow is ease.

Flow is knowing what to do.

Flow is grace.

Flow is giving yourself space.

Space to be who you are.

To do what you came here to do.

Flow is everything.

And everything is flow.

Look at nature!

It all works!

No managers there telling the plants what to do when to do it and how to do it.


They know.

It’s in their divine blueprint.

And they are on their autopilot.

If you get to honour your divine autopilot too,

and flow flow flow,

instead of do do do do……….


Well, there won’t be a need to stay in charge,

because you’ll be having a lot of fun with doing as you’re told lol,


Nothing is more enjoyable than letting yourself be told by Universe what to do next and next and next and next.

Well, ok, sometimes, or a lot of times it might not be enjoyable to one party – the ego.

But that’s a minor issue, lol.


the ego is not you.

And you are not the ego.

You are a flow based creature finding your way back home,

and into flow.

Have fun with it….!


Lots of Love,


Want to work with me 1 on 1 ?

Please send a message….!



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