Tricky Commit-ment! :)

Tricky business, commit ment.



Doesn’t ‘ment’ remind you of something….?

Does it not sound a little bit like, a lot like ‘MEANT’.

Commit-ment is when you commit AND mean it.


Got you there.

Sounds easy.


So many confuse commitment with ‘i say i want to but i really don’t’ kinda thing.


Nothing amazing can come from that.

Pure frustration really.

Energy wasting.



when you kinda say to yourself that you kinda want this or that………,

and kinda commit to this and that……

When you do that,

and you find yourself dragging,

and not doing…….

Not doing what you said you’d do…….

You hadn’t really commited in the first place.

You didn’t mean it.

And of course, there are many who can stick to a commit-not-meant,

by sheer will power……

But will power means you have to make yourself do stuff.

Not choose.

Make yourself do it.


The worst feeling in the world.

As I am writing this my body goes nooooooooooooooooo……..

Haha, relax my friend, we are def not going there, lol!

I’m just speaking to others who MIGHT consider it, lol.


Thing is, at a certain point in my life I became incapable of ‘making myself do stuff’,

and it has served me very very very well.

Because of being incapable of this, 

I could ONLY stick to whatever I could commit to from my heart.


That’s the trick in the tricky business of commitment.

Your heart will be your driving force when you commit.

If you choose from your heart and WITH WHOLE HEART……….,

what you truly really want WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART……..,

then the whole Universe is on your side.

You won’t need to push and you won’t need to drag.

Yes, there might be times when you ‘don’t feel like it’ (who’s talking here anyway, haha!),

but you will choose over and over again what you committed to.

Because all of it is fired up by the flame in your heart,

in your very very precious passionate big big heart,

filled with dreams,

and talents,

and all the skills,

to create what it is you have come to create.

Commitment is everything.

If you take will power out of the equation,

and tune into what you really really really want,


your heart will commit and with your heart you can honour your commitment to you and your purpose.


The way to commit and mean it is through the heart!

Lots if love,




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