Do Cross! 💃

Danger! Do not cross!

How often do you obey this command from your ego?

How often do you DO cross the dangerous to the ego line?

How often do you let yourself see the ego for what it is?

Recognize its voice as NOT yours.

How often are you saying to your ego: 

Never mind, I’m the one to decide whether to cross or not to cross.

I am the one in charge.

I am not letting you bully me into a so called safe existence where dolphins don’t frolic around and pigs don’t fly.

Because, in my world,

Pigs Do Fly.

In my world,

things DO happen.

In my world,

I get to live a fulfilled and fulfilling life, ego.

Yes, I do.

So I am not at all interested not the slightest bit really,

in your advice that ultimately will and dies keep me in the safe zone,

aka the dead zone,

also known as the no-miracle zone,

also known as already-seen-this-shit-happen-over-and-over-and-over-again zone.

No thank you ego!

I thank you for your suggestion,

I thank you for your concern,

I thank you for your commitment to keep me safe.



my dear dear dear ego,

I am safe.

I am fine.

And I am on my way to expand into my fullest potential ego.

And you are in my way, lol!

I love you!

Thank you!



Thank You.

Go have a nice pina colada or whatever you want and relax,

you have deserved a vacation,


you have deserved a retirement!


I am giving you this retirement ego.

Have fun!

I’ll be having fun too!

I’ll be telling you all about it.

Showing you pictures.

Of all the amazing things that happened after and BECAUSE I crossed.


And you’ll be happy too,

once the pina coladas kick in and you can relax and enjoy your well deserved vacation and retirement,

you’ll be thanking me for it,

and you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully everything turns out without your meddling, no matter how well meant!

Good bye ego!

Thank you ego!

Let’s cross now,

you are coming too because you are following me!


Did you love this chat with dear ego?

I bet it made you feel so much more at ease………….

Whatever it is we have as an opportunity,

and we are constantly given opportunities by Universe,

it’s impossible to step right into them if we don’t give OURSELVES permission to cross.

I have had an amazing something open up and of course the ego was right there: Danger! Do not Cross!





I did cross.

And I do cross.

Imagine what would happen in your life if every single time something great opens up,

(without you sometimes even recognizing it as great),

you let yourself cross?

What would your life look like if every time you were about to step into something new,

you just let yourself do it,

and with ease.

No ego,

no drama,

no turmoil.

Simply: ego, SIT.

Drink pina coladas.


I got this.


Today I attended a memorial service.

The room was beautiful, with lots of light, and huge windows and all walls painted white.

The lady who had transitioned appeared and she was happy to go. 

She kept saying: I am going, I am going!

Her time was up.

She went.

Our time will be up some day too.

We feel that our life has no expiration date, but it does.

Saving the great stuff for tomorrow,

or letting the ego stop us when we want to cross,

is simply not what we are here for.


Right into your dream.

And listen to the Abba song ‘I have a dream’,

it seems to come with this message.


Lots of love,



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