So interesting and funny, what happens when you start to claim fully what is yours and show up more and more and more fully for what is yours.

You create opportunities and you step into them and you suddenly feel like you are back in the old stuff again.


Yes, ha.

This very thing has happened to me recently.

I claimed, I showed up, I stepped into,

I kicked all fears out,

and doubts as well,

and I felt clear clear clear super clear in my faith.



Not again, nooooooooooo!


Where did all this lack of faith, lack of everything,

and abundance of doubt fear and all the other funky stuff,

where did it all come from?


Well, from the very place of choosing to step up.

As we choose to step up everything that is not in alignment with that comes to the surface to leave the system,


It can feel though as if some evil forces have pushed us down into the dungeons of the dark night of the soul lol,

and we can wonder how to get out!

For me,

I just spent a significant amount of time waving goodbye to all the reasons why I can’t be/have/do all the things I have chosen and claimed for myself.

I mean, they are mine to begin with!

I am not interested in claiming stuff that has nothing to do with me, yuck!

But all this stuff, all this deep deep deep deep stuff that’s been with me and in me forever,

that I have carried in my heart of hearts for the longest of ‘time’,

all this stuff………,

it’s precious,

it’s dear to me,

and it is mine.

And I have claimed it all.

Just because it is time.

It’s been a long time coming.

And now it is done.

Love is guiding this journey and all the unfolding,

and there is support,


for what we have,

to unleash,

from the heart……..,

the stuff that’s been waiting to be unleashed for sooooooooooooooo long.

It is ready to come out,

to be heard,

to be seen,

to be recognized,

to be celebrated,

to be fully completely un-leashed,

into freedom.

Whatever comes up for you,

it is not you,

it’s not here to stay,

and you have totally got it!

Yes you have…..!

Lots of Love,




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