Success Because It’s Y O U

Do you buy success?


Do you feel you have to earn it,

deserve it,

work hard for it,

in order to receive it?

Maybe even suffer for it,

and sacrifice for it?

Do you feel that if you just allowed success to come with ease,

without you having to struggle,

without you being in pain,

without you suffering,

without you giving up what is important to you,

without hard work,

do you feel that if you do that, allow that…..,

even consider that……,

something inside you will tell you that it is WRONG……?


something inside you and outside you will perhaps?!

We are so trained and taught that we have to earn to receive,

to work hard to have success,

to give up stuff we want, to have something else we want,

etc etc etc.

Truth is, it is a learned behaviour,

skillfully constructed by the collective efforts of humanity.

It has nothing to do with you.

It has nothing to do with your natural state.

It has nothing to do with what is held in your blueprint,

your divine blueprint.

It has nothing to do with you.

And it is not a rule for you to follow,

unless you choose it.

But, if you choose your God given right,

your birthright,

you say yes to YOU,

you say YES to God’s ‘rules’ (well no rules more of a plan of direction lol!),

and you say YES to SUCCESS just because,

you say YES to success because you are who you are,

no other reason than that,

because you don’t need a reason,

and you don’t have anything to prove,

such as that you are worthy,

such as that you deserve it,

such as that you are allowed,

and you don’t need any permission either,

and no validation that your heart’s expression is ok,

and you also don’t need approval.

You already have it all.

To God it must be super funny,

all those people who are working hard to deserve and to earn something that’s a given.

It’s like working hard to have sun or ocean or earth…………,

and to receive all their gifts……….

It’s all already here,

and it does not need to be earned,

by you,

so that later down the road,

when someone comes up to you and says:

and what gives you permission to have all you have and to be all you are and to do all you do and to enjoy all that you enjoy…….,

instead of sharing all of the stuff you would have payed your success with…….,

you can say: 


Frikkin Universe. 

And Me.

Because that’s how you roll.


Tired of earning the right to be successful?

Own it right now,

it’s YOURS already.


Lots of Love,




Want to stay in alignment and flow more easily…….?

Give this meditation a go….!



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