Support…..? Yes, Please! 💜


Are you letting yourself receive SUPPORT?

Are you feeling worthy of being supported fully,

by Universe?

Do you let Universe come in and assist you in every way it can and does and will?

Universe’s support comes in many shapes and forms.

Universe’s support is always disguised as……..

………a friend who says just the right thing at the right time for you to be catapulted into your next and next and next……,

or perhaps a scene you see played out right in front of you so that you get amazing clarity on what it is that you have to do next……

It always comes with inspiration and with funny winks all around when you go about your day…..

Things you remember, numbers you see, words you notice, etc etc etc etc

Universe is constantly supporting you to fully expand to grow to step up and to embrace new and new and new and new.

It is ready to give support at any given time.

It is ready to give you support with everything.

‘Everything you want,

you’ve got it.’

Remember the song?


every blog post will probably have a song come with it from now on, 

to help you integrate the message.


So, coming back to support!

When it comes, 

and is available,

do you fully let it in……?

Do you RECEIVE it instantly, 

and with open arms and open heart….?

Or do you let the part of you that is not really you, 


Whether you are worthy to receive it……

Whether you can actually let it in……

Is it ok to be supported fully and be given to fully with all the heart….?

Does it make sense…..?

I mean there’s a yes ok you can help me carry my bags, thank you.

And there’s a yes ok you can help me fully change my life.


There seems to be so much more on the line, right?

And how about actually RECEIVING someone’s full heart commitment to support you……,

and Universe’s FULL and COMPLETE and ALLIN commitment to you, and to your success, and to your complete upleveling and in a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG way.

How ’bout it……?

I’ve been going through a similar thing myself and as I have faced all the so called issues and conflicts inside of me that all had to do with:

Am I really worthy of this?

Am I worthy of someone’s FULL COMPLETE ALL IN COMMITMENT to my success………?


Am I?

What do you think?

Are you?

It’s a ridiculous question, really.

I mean, all these worthy not worthy issues are all just a game.

A distraction.

Distraction from what we came to do, to create.

They keep us occupied while clock keeps ticking.

We waste our energy trying to decide, LOL, whether we are or not worthy of being given to fully, and being given to fully for no reason,

just because we asked,

and Universe loves us.

Universe says YES all the time.

It’s like this amazing parent who never denies its child and gives it all they really really want and love and enjoy……,

it is showering its gifts upon us every single time we ask.

And when it happens, when the gifts you’ve asked for are finally offered, and you have them right in front of you,

to receive them and enjoy them and run with them creating more and more and more amazing stuff…….,

who is the ego to say: aaaaah, are we ok to receive all of this, are we worthy to receive all of this, are we deserving enough to receive all of this…..?



If Universe thinks we are,

who can argue with that…..?

Ego can and ego will and ego does lol.

But when it comes to Universe and ego,


who do you think has the last word….?



Lots of Love,




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