Go For Flow. X

Flow is movement.

To get into flow we have to move.

We have to take whatever action we are called to take,

over and over again.


Well, not the same action of repetitiveness of course lol,

cause that sounds like a piece from a totally different way of doing things lol,


but any and every action you feel is required at any given time.

We have to let go of judgment too.

Because the mental and emotional in you will argue with whatever flow is asking from you!

They will object, wine, protest, complain, fight, flight, etc…..

Sounds familiar?


Love how easy it is to know we are expanding and opening and upleveling, haha!

The protests of the ego make it very clear.


The more noise is coming from that department, the surer you can be that YOU are doing FANTASTIC, lol!

Even though it doesn’t feel that way!

Even though it more feels like ‘never gonna be free from this shit again’.

But you are, gonna.

And you are, already, actually.

Bc, all this bs does not have any power over you whatsoever.

It only has power if you let it have power.

It only has power if you agree to it, and allow it.

But why would you?

Why would you let anybody or anything dictate what YOU do in YOUR home……..,

which your life is.

It is your ‘home’ as Spirit……,

and you get to make it into whatever you want………

Whatever you want from your HEART.

And dreams and desires of the HEART all come about in and from F L O W.

So don’t ever try to overlook this baby,

this beautiful baby flow,

that is growing into an adult right before your eyes,

in your life……..,

taking it over.

Just let it, and your job is half done.

The other half will be putting one foot in front of the other.

Or clapping your wings for some. 😉

But that is all.

Let FLOW rule,

and it will rule you in most amazing ways,

and surprise you,

and let you create your heart dreams……..

Because that’s what you are………..

Creator of heart dreams.

Ever doubted that?


Just accept it because the sooner you do the sooner you can get on with your life.

You are CREATOR.

That’s all.


feel it,

and go create.

From flow.



Lots of Love,



I am getting ready to share with you this amazing challenge that will help you to launch or relaunch a daily blog….!

If you ever felt called to do a blog then this 10 day thing will be perfect for you……!

No better way to get into and stay in flow than the daily unleashing of what’s in your heart, over and over again, and right into the world!


Stay in Alignment And Flow with the Free Gift meditation! X


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