I challenge you 2day to come out.

To come out of your CLOSET, you.



Come out of your very comfortable closet,

at times very torturing closet,

at times very numb making closet.

I challenge you to come out and stand for your heart,

for your passion,

for you.

I challenge you to take that vague feeling inside,

of having something to share with the world,

something to x-press,

something that is Y O U Y O U Y O U.

Not the stuff that is ‘ok’.

Not the stuff that is ‘quite ok’.

But the stuff that is Y O U.

The stuff you are really made of.

The stuff you are really made for.

It is TIME 4 Y O U.

It is time for YOU that has come into this world with a purpose.

And I am not summoning you, all of you, to come out and start with frantically searching for your purpose and your passion,

and then get into despair bc of not finding one.



I wouldn’t want you to torture yourself by trying to chase something that is right here.

It’s right where you are.

And you can tap into it by feeling what speaks to you.

By feeling what tickles your curiosity.

And following that.

Not chasing it, but stepping into it and claiming it, looking what’s behind it, and then behind the next thing and the next.

It’s not a one day I’ll wake up and know what my true purpose is, and what my true passions are.

It’s more like discovering, exploring etc by stepping into the things that speak to you.

Things that kinda tell you that there’s something there you want to know more about. 

And with every step, more and more and more and more unfolds.

Perhaps then one day you’ll wake up and you WILL know what your purpose and passion is, just like that.

Or, you’ll realize it after you’ve already stepped into doing it without even knowing it yourself.

But it will come only from your openness and willingness to explore and to show up and to engage………,

because Universe will not come and smack you on the head with it,

presenting it to you while you are missing in action.

(Absence of action, more like it, lol.)

Get up and dance.

Dance from your heart and dance with your heart.

Let your heart tell you what you want and what your passions are.

It’s already whispering it to you as we speak.

Make a list of things that you feel called to do, things you feel drawn to.

Pick one thing from the list and run with it, explore it.

Pick two, if you will, or three.


But one is enough, to let your energy, your life force energy flow in the direction of your dreams.

Universe LOVES you,

and it gave birth to you so that you can live in freedom,

expressing yourself fully,

without holding back,

without changing yourself.

It is time to be you.

Come out of the closet, please.

Your LIFE is waiting.

I LOVE you.




If you want to catapult yourself into expressing you into and in the world but feel you could use some support…….,

come and join my fun amazing and expansive Daily Blog Challenge.

You’ll LOVE it and will never look back, I promise…..!

It is HERE.




PS The song activation for today’s blog is: I’m coming out, by Diana Ross. ๐Ÿ™‚



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