The Flow Of It

Sometimes the body gets smacked down for no reason.

Well there is always a reason behind it of course, but it might not be visible 2U.

And it comes at times that are very inconvenient to the me-me-me that has a list to do-do-do.

The me-me-me has been in protest mode in my world since yesterday.

I felt I had to rest while in the middle of creating something new.



What about this new thing?!!! (Me-me-me)



It’ll have to wait.

And this morning I got amazing proof for me-me-me lol.

Bc the body simply went into very very very deep hours long hibernation/sleep right after I woke up very early this morning.


Universe knows this is the best way to get all the magical downloads in,

because sleep is where me-me-me can’t reach me (that’s moi! 😃).

Sometimes we have to slow down before we can speed up.

Like a car needing some work and maintenance to run fast and smooth,

so does the physical body……..

And Universe is in charge.

It’s pointless (and dumb, too, I must say) to fight it,

because your Higher Self knows best what’s best for you and for your success.

If at times – whenever whereever however – this means that I have to check out (in a ‘good’ way lol) then I check out.

No questions asked.

I know by now very well that Universe has got this.

And me.

By and while checking out this way, I am /we are checking in in other realms,

to get all the upgrades we’ve been asking for,

for a faster, easier and much smoother ride.

In. Your. C.a.r. (=Body)

I send you many many many many Smooth Sailing vibes,

and me-me-me wants to know how people will know about our new course if we are off in dreamland, lol…….!


If you are curious to find out about the 10 Day Blog Challenge that I have created for anyone and everyone who wants to kickstart their blogging career or breathe new life into existing one,

the link is below this message……!


So, me-me-me, happy now?


I know I am.

Lots of Love,




Daily Blog Challenge, 10 days to get yourself blogging like there’s no tomorrow, so that your 2morrow can be amazing and FUN! 💜

Check it out and come to PLAY!

It’s gonna be FUN, interactive and very very expansive, for sure!

Daily Blog Challenge


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