Stepping Into Fulfillment.

Are you stepping stepping into fulfillment or mastering disappointment……?

Embracing your greatness or managing a small existence……?

I was watching this video the other day.

It had to do with this research they did blablabla.

I don’t remember all the details, as always, only the essential part of it that I took with me.

Basically, there is a behaviour that humans do from babyhood.

(Yes that’s a word, haha.)

I’m sure you’ve seen it with babies – and adults too LOL!


You know that thing babies do where they have a toy they are so happy with and then they toss it throwing it as far as possible mind you, and then start screaming and crying about not having it anymore.

Until the parent aunt friend grandma pass them the thing which makes them super super super happy, to have the very thing they were so anxious to get / get back.


You’d think this would be the end of it.

But if you have been around babies you know it is not.

And so this is how the baby is practicing or mastering disappointment.


Ok ok now you get it how this relates to the adult existence……!

Same thing.

So scientists came with this conclusion:

Humans are more inclined to master disappointment than to seek fulfillment.


It’s some kind of wiring thing.


………But I say it’s OLD wiring.

And I say that you certainly CAN step more and more and more into fulfillment,

exploring it and expanding into it with huge steps or small steps,

HOWEVER you like, 

it’s your life!

Of course you can keep on keeping on with mastering disappointment………

But, has it brought you somewhere that feels amazing?

For longer than a second, or a day, lol!

I’m chuckling!


Mastering disappointment is so passé.

You’ve done it for so long……!

So so so so so so loooooooooooooong!

Isn’t it T I M E to let go and choose a new MUCH FUNNER game……?

Is it perhaps TIME to give yourself PERMISSION 2SHINE…..?

To be Y O U?

To be the bright star that you are…….?

Is it not TIME to let your SPIRIT SOAR?

Is it not TIME 2 leave the OLD behind…..?

Isn’t it TIME to be DONE with the old games…..?

To be DONE with games period….?

To be DONE with everything and anything that’s not working for you?

Maybe it is time to let down your guard…..,

to put down the weapons……?

Maybe it is TIME to let yourself pick up your ‘trade’ and get on with it,

see where you can get with it,

journeying together with Universe…..?

Is it perhaps TIME 2 SIT DOWN and have an honest chat with yourself…..?

Open up to what else is there…..?

Again and again and again and again and again……,

until the day you die…..?

(Well not die really but that’s another subject! 😜)

Is it PERHAPS time for this kind of COMMITMENT 2 Y O U?

Commitment to why you came into this world in the first place……?

Perhaps you forgot……?

That doesn’t matter!

You can still COMMIT to why you are here, without seeing clearly – yet – what it is you are committing to……!

Gotta have balls to do that no?

But you do have balls…..!

Make them count……!

Don’t keep them safe for – I don’t know what for…..!

U S E them.

I mean proverbial metaphorical etc balls.


But YOU got that of course…!!!!!!!!


Go be YOU!

Claim your LIFE.

Claim your PURPOSE.

That will lead you right into fulfillment……,

nothing else.

You choose, darling.

Lots of Love,



ARE YOU READY to take a next step…..?

Come and join the Daily Blog Challenge!

It’s for new, aspiring and existing bloggers……..,

to daily unleash your purpose and passion into the world.

That’s what you’re here for, darling.

Come and play…., 

10 days of online FUN and PURPOSE.

Love, V I O L E T

Daily Blog Challenge 🌟



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