Yes It Is Time.

Do you feel like you are taken care of, fully, in life?

Or do you feel that you are all alone, and it’s all up to you to make all the changes you’d like to see in your life……?

Do you go it alone…..?

Or do you ask for help and surrender to receiving?

Is it always the case or sometimes….?

Perhaps you do let yourself be fully given to and fully supported……….,

and fully let go of control………,

only to find yourself ready to row all by yourself,

forgetting all about the fact that you are NOT alone, 

and that you ARE supported, and that you ARE taken care of?


This happened to me the other day!



It’s so so hard to be in this place of not being able to surrender fully, all control, to Universe.

It’s a hard place to be.

It’s a place where we cut ourself off from our supply chain lol.

That’s not a good idea haha.

Because quite soon you find yourself rowing and rowing with no purpose, lol,

and no shore in sight,

and not even the slightest idea of how to get there.


For me, it was in a moment where I got to stand in front of this new frontier,

which meant I had to surrender all control, all the how,

and simply trust that I am taken care of,

and all is going to work out for the best,

as it always does…………


In this moment I was faced with all the reasons why it could not be,

all the reasons why all will not work out for the best,

and this huge wound of ‘things never work out they just fall flat on their face’.


Haven’t we been here before…..?


Haven’t we stood here in this very very place before………..?

Many many times perhaps……?

Have we not let this very very very thing stop us, slow us down, keep us from all the great stuff that was on the other side……?

Have we not stood there empty-handed,

after the boat had sailed off,

wondering wtf had happened and how we are not on that boat,

sailing into the unknown……?

Have we not done this over and over and over and over again……..?

And have we not dealt with it over and over and over again……?

And is it not time to just be done with it and sail off………?

Is it not time to just open the heart and get on the frikkin boat……..?

Is it not time to decide that enough is enough…….?

Is it not time to let it be done……?

Is it not time to get on with our cool great fantastic amazing stuff…….,

and play with it all………..?

Is it not time……?


Time to be who we are.

Time to do what we do best.

Time to see the greatness of who we are.

Time to believe.

Believe that yes we deserve.

Believe that yes it is possible.

Believe that yes, it is happening.

Believe that yes, it is done.

Believe that yes we can choose.

Believe that yes we can ask.

Believe that yes we can create.

Believe that yes we can be who we came here to be,

and never ever ever ever again get ourselves lost in all the freaky stuff of the ego, the old, and things long gone.

Is it time to let go of the phantoms……..?

What are they good for now anyway…….?


You are creating your life as we speak.

Phantoms have no place in there.

Only love does have a place in there,

flowing from the heart of Universe,

blessing you and taking care of you,

all the way.


That isn’t so scary is it now……?


Lots of Love,



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C u there….!




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