When do they work, actually, and when are they just words flying around never landing on their feet?

If words had feet lol they would walk about and create stuff here and there and everywhere………!

Or they would just sit on the couch and zap through the channels staring at the screen from dusk till dawn.


This is exactly what affirmation words do, depending on the energy that’s behind them.

That is the whole trick.

When the energy behind them comes from the heart, and the affirmation is a true expression rather than a trying to get somewhere or force something to happen………….,

it will go about creating what it stands for,

because its energy will be doing that.

Buuuuuuuuuuut !

When we say affirmation with the energy of fighting the existing reality,

rather than affirming a chosen one from within……..,

then all these words will create nothing new……….

It’s simple.

You know when someone bullies someone and the bullied one is doing all they can to actually fight against the bully,

rather than affirm their worth and awesomeness and space……..,

they seem very ineffective.

By fighting I mean fighting against the energy!

You push against it and you waist your creative energy to arguing with disagreeing with opposing the ‘undesired’.

It just drains you.

You use the energy you can use to create,

for the purpose of ‘proving’ something is untrue.

But in doing so you are coming from a place where you believe that this undesirable thing is true.


And you try to fix it.

Make it ‘right’

But what if it is all right all ready……?

What if……..,

this undesirable bs is just the remnants of some reality long gone…….,

and what if the very thing that feels so true to you,

and that you don’t see reflected in the physical world……,

is already there…..,

is already yours……?

What if all you have to do is just state it,

and state it again,

and again,

and again,

and again.

Over and over again.

Just because that is the truth.

Your truth.

It just gets affirmed and reaffirmed every single time.

I want a banana!

No, here’s an apple.

I want a banana.

Apples are good for you.

I want a banana.

Banana’s are not so good for your health.

I want a banana.

It’s not advised to eat bananas at this time of day.

I want a banana.



This is how it works……!


Affirming without going bananas,

until you have some!

Lots of Love,

dear soul,



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Join the Daily Blog Challenge while doors are still O P E N!!!!!!!!!

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