Don’t Give Up x

Don’t Give Up You!


So interesting, 

the message coming through 2day.

It’s a very simple one and so very simple and straightforward that I think:

Is it really necessary to SPEAK about this…..?

But I guess, if it’s coming out,



Because truth is,

most people don’t have what they really want……,

don’t even start lol……,

because of giving up.

You can give up right at the start.

Before starting even.

It’s the case when you don’t even ask for what you want nor take the first step,

no matter how small.

You give up before you start.

You say it is not possible and you go watch tv instead.

Or whatever.

You can give up as you start, too.

You do one thing and then you say:

See, no results.

It didn’t work.

It doesn’t work.

I’m going back to sleep.


You can also give up halfway.

When you’ve seen some glimpses some improvement some opening………,

but no: wow I’m feeling progress.


And you can give up right before the breakthrough.

That’s the big one………

That’s the one where you’ve gone the distance,

fully committed,

done all you could,

and then some……..,



come to this place again:

It didn’t work.

It doesn’t work.

It won’t work.


Do you know that this is not true….?

Do you know it’s pure bs…..?

Do you know it’s ego messin’ with ya?

Do you know that right before the breakthrough everything feels as if it’s even worse than before you ‘started’?

Do you know that it does work,

and it did work,

and it will work…..?

It does and will work……,

every single time…..,

every single time yes,








This is the only thing that makes it work.

Never giving up on you.

Never giving up on your truth.

Never giving up on what you know is your birthright.

Never giving up on having all that your heart wants.

It is easy to give up in a world where FEW very very few people give their heart dreams space to breathe and to be and to flourish.

It’s easy to give up looking at that.

It’s easy to say: I tried, and now I’m going back to sleep.

Let that be the end of it.


Is this what you want….?

What you really really want…..?

Leaving this body some day after having been asleep most of your life…..?

Just because you gave up….?

That’s the only reason that you can’t have what you really want…..,

what your heart wants……,


Giving up.


if you keep going the distance,

no matter what,

choosing what you want,

no matter what,

and showing up as you want,

no matter what,

and excersize your creative power,

no matter what…..,

YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE one step at a time………,

putting one foot in front of the other,

no matter what.


I can tell.

I have done this with several areas of my life – overcoming the seemingly unovercomable.

And it worked.

It worked,

with many points of choice along the way,

many opportunities to give up,

to go back to sleep.

But every single time I knew:

I want to L I V E.

I didn’t come here to be asleep.

I came here to be wide awake and to dance like I’ve never danced before,

in a body,

on planet earth,

as the magnificent STAR,

amazing SPIRIT,

that I am.

And this is why I choose to not give up,

to not go back to sleep,

to keep going the distance,

and to keep claiming my birthright.

Because frankly,

I don’t see any other way.

The only way is forward.

Keep Walking.


Lots of Love,



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Come check it out HERE,

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it’s gonna be F-U-N!



PS Song for today’s Blog: Don’t Give Up, Kate Bush. 💜


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