Wait And See!

What to do what to do what to do when all the old is left behind and all the new is still not in sight?

What to do when the old forms have fallen away……

Relationship, work, money, friends…….

And all the NEW hasn’t shown itself yet, physically, in your life……

Relationship, work, money, friends…….,

what to doooooooooooooo…….?



Yes, panic,

that all of this might be a fantasy and a dream,

and maybe you don’t want to believe in unicorns anymore…..,

and maybe all of the old was not soooooooo bad……,



Maybe it was not so bad, lol.


You do know that it didn’t work 4U.

You do know that you wanted something better.

Not to satisfy the ego but to express the HEART.

You know that what you felt was your truth is your truth.

You know that you FELT something better WAS accessible, and available, and possible…….,

or else…..,


You know you didn’t want to play that game any longer.

You know you chose NEW way.

New way of being in relationship land,

new way of being in friendship land,

new way of being in work land,

and new way of being in LIFE,

all of it,

in general.

You know you chose this,

and Universe gave you this.

You know Universe brought the complete breakdown of what no longer worked for you…..,

so that there was space, in every sense of the word,

for the NEW to come in.


You know how it works with remodeling.

Life remodeling is the same.

Breaking down, removing, getting rid of…………..

And then being there, for a while, in this in-between………,

a house you feel you can’t really LIVE in very comfortably…….,

perhaps in a corner somewhere in the middle of the remodeling emptiness……,

all the rubble gone……,

and empty spaces waiting to receive,

ready to receive…..,

a new expression of YOU…….,

soon enough,

but open to receive as long as it takes……..


You know this.

You know you’ve come all this way because you asked for it,

because you wanted to be here.

And the only way is forward.

You KNOW that.

The only way is forward and you are stepping up and up and up,

without noticing it…..,

and Universe is rearranging all for you…..,

without you noticing it……..,

because the seeds are always growing in a hidden place where they can take form and grow without disruption…….

And so before you know it they break through and turn into a beautiful green thing and then into a beautiful tree………,

that will give many fruits…..,

delicious and ripe……. 


And you know that even though you can’t pick the fruits yet, and you can’t see the tree yet, and you can’t even see anything coming out of the ground………….,

you KNOW the fruits are there, and the tree is there, and the seed is there……..,

and you water it and water it and water it…….,

as much as required……..,

until it’s done.


And you have faith.

And trust.

Because you KNOW,

because you KNOW your truth….,

in your HEART.


Lots of Love,



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