I just did an audio facebook live and the subject was effortlessness.

We are taught so much that it is meant to be hard and difficult and a struggle and pain……,

all of it……..,

from birth that is agonizing to the mother,   

(and child, duh, since it feels that its expansion is causing suffering to the mother……!)……,

to death……..,

and to everything in between.

In other words, all of life.

It is meant to be hard….,


all of it:






all of it.


And humans accept.

That birth is suffering and difficult and pain.

That life is suffering and difficult and pain.

That love is suffering and difficult and pain.

That work is suffering and difficult and pain.

That money is suffering and difficult and pain.

It is all normal,

to be suffering and difficult and pain.

Humans have accepted it.

And LIVE by it,

day in day out,

without questioning it.

Like true soldiers they march to the beat of someone’s drum,

without even knowing who that someone is,

and without even realizing this drum and its beat IS NOT THEIRS.

Not their own.

They’ve been mimicking living acting from this notion that says: suffering, difficult, pain.

They suck it up.

That’s how life is.

Meant to be.

That’s how all of us live.

How all of us have lived.

Throughout centuries,

centuries of suffering, difficult and pain.

But YOU,

Y O U,

my dear precious Y O U,

you KNOW,

you FEEL,

you SENSE…….,

there’s a different way,

a way more funner way,

a natural way.

You just KNOW it.

You maybe even experienced it,

got a glimpse of it…..,

and tasted it, and enjoyed it,

embraced it,

stepped into it,

maybe a little, maybe all the way……..



You FEEL it.

And you see it around you,

because you have chosen to have more of it…….,

and you commit to living more of it,

more of it each day.

You are a pioneer,

a courageous freedom loving being,

showing the way,

showing what is possible to all,

by living it as you do,

by stepping more into your natural way,

and by rejecting and banning from your being and from your life,

all they taught you about suffering, difficult and pain.

It’s not your way,

NO WAY is it your way.

It’s a dinosaurs’ way,

as far you are concerned,

a prehistoric way that is becoming extinct……,

and you are leading it,

by pulling yourself out of the learned taught way…..,

creating your way,

the NEW way,

a way without suffering, difficult and pain.

You are the courageous one, my dear.

You believe what’s in your heart.

You trust your heart.

You honour your heart.

There’s no way you’d agree with giving your life to old ways of suffering, difficult and pain.

You know the way.

And you follow the way.

And you lead.

And you let the world be the world,

and let the world do what it does,

live as it lives…..,

and you know.


Not in this lifetime.

Not in a million years.

You know the way.


Trust it!


Lots of Love,



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PS Check out the facebook live audio HERE. X


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