Nothing Less Than Love

Love rules the world.


Yes it does.

Funny how all can be traced back to love, to the passion of the heart, to the expression of you.

When you look at the most amazing things that have been created in any and every area…….,

from fashion to architecture to media empires……..,

to anything really…..,

you can see that it all came forth from passion……..

Amazing music literature art etc……,

it all didn’t come from:

“I wonder how I can make money……? I wonder how I can impress the world…….? I wonder how I can change myself so that THE WORLD will buy me and my stuff, figuratively and literally speaking lol.”

It all came from expressing YOU.

It all came from unleashing the passion.

It all came from doing the very thing you can’t stay away from.

It all came from no agenda,

or maybe some,

but with the main driving force the passion of the heart,

totally completely fully overruling any possible agenda stuff lol.

Yes of course there are people who have manifested tons of everything in a different way.

These are not the people I am talking about.

What I am speaking of now is creating from the core of YOU,

and blossoming from the core of you,

and letting your life completely open up and bloom with all the amazing stuff that is coming your way…..,

as a result of you doing your calling and nothing less.

(Of course, you have to be able to let yourself RECEIVE all that lol but that’s another story….!)

And so how does it all come about….?

How does all the ‘stuff’ that is made manifest come about………?

It comes from LOVE.

Love is pure passion and pure expression of the heart,

with no agenda,

and no compromise.

It is unleashing releasing expressing into the world what matters to your heart,

what lives in your heart,

daily, constantly, instantly,

without filtering it through the ego,

without holding back,

without shutting yourself down,

without judging yourself.

“Inspiration comes from God. To criticize what comes from inside of you is to critisize God.”

I am paraphrasing a little here something that was shared by the lovely Prince.

He is amused that I call him lovely lol.

But he is so right…..!

So so so so right!

Is that not the reason why so many don’t choose to be themselves……?

Because they constantly criticize themselves and what seems to be expressed through them…….,

criticise their true desires and wishes and wants……,

criticize their needs……..

Is that not the reason why many don’t come forward with their art or their true art…….?

Is that not the reason why many don’t open themselves up to receive fully from Universe…..?

To believe in their gifts……?

In their talent….?

In their passion….?

In love…..?

Do you believe in love……?

Lol, Madonna is coming through with her:

“Don’t go for second best baby!”


Don’t go for less than,

just because you or something in you that is not you,

is telling you that you are not ok,

that you are wrong,

that you are delusional…..,

for going for the best you can have.


You are never not ok to choose the best for you,

you are never not allowed to choose what makes you light up,

you are never needing requiring permission from anyone to be happy,

with yourself and with your life and with anything in it……,

and to give yourself anything and everything that you need want require and enjoy……,

just because it’s in you…..,

seeking expression through you,

and your life.

Your life force energy is yours,

to use as you please,

for your own fulfillment……,

and nobody has a say in it,

except Y O U.

Lots of Love,



Want to express yourself daily in a blog…..?

Share you heart your passion with the world….,

whatever it is…..?

Come and join us for the Daily Blog Challenge,

10 days of lauching you into the world of daily blogging…….,

and putting your heart on the map in the world.


Like that is a thing….., haha.

It’s all for your personal expansion, darling, and the collective one.

Because, all you do from the heart for you….,

you do for everyone….!

Come and join, the link is here….!



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