New Beginnings……!

Can you feel the wonderfulness of the New Moon….,

the energy of New Beginnings……?

It’s ok if you are not feeling it perhaps…..,

simply know that you can put things in the Universal oven…….,

something you can do at ANY time of course lol,

no need to sit and wait for the moon to come back around….,

but with the new moon all starts to gain energy and grow……,

so why not use this wonderful movement to give your creations some uplifting vibes…..?

I certainly do it myself because I simply can’t not do it, I just feeeeeeeeeel the moon.


And it is fun too….,

and a great reminder in case you had forgotten how powerful you are and that you create your reality,

together with Creator,

of course.

You put it out there,

Creator takes care of it……,

and you do all the steps to see it through in the physical.

It’s your creation, your child, your baby…..,

and if you get yourself preggo the pregnancy is on you lol…..!

And you get to hold your baby only when it pops out, and not a second earlier…..,

all in perfect divine natural timing.

Seeing your creations come into form is so similar to the pregnancy thing.

It happens by itself.

You don’t have to MAKE the baby grow.

But, it does kinda help that you do everything needed to give the growing little miracle the best opportunity and conditions to grow into a human baby ready to come out into the world.

Just like with your creations.

They will come when they come.

No use forcing them.

You’d better not.

Rather nurturing them……,

embracing them….,

welcoming them…..,

supporting them in the best way you can.

That is your job.

Lots of Love,



Woho….! Are you ready to come and join us for the daily blogging…..?

Daily Blog Challenge….!

10 days of blogging your heart out.

Saying what is coming through you every single day.

No vacation, lol.


If you let yourself say what you feel called to say,

you won’t need a vacation from it.



Come and join….!



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