Expressing Y o u πŸ’Ž

Very new this stuff we are going through as humanity really.

It is unprecedented.

We are stepping into our power and our freedom and our Creatorship.

It’s an adventure,

this stepping into,

this owning of YOU,

and this reclaiming of YOUR sovereignty.

After a lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime of being told what to do how to do it etc,

how to live,

and which choices to make…,

about everything really,

and this goes for both women and men,

after lifetimes of being told,

we get to be in charge of all –

our body our life our finances our relationships our parenting etc,

all by ourselves.

It can be challenging to take the reigns into our hands,

scary at times because you’ll have no one to blame 😜,

and challenging for the environment.

Switching from living by the norm of the society,

to living by the norm of Universe…….,

is very rewarding.


very rewarding for all who can appreciate freedom.


Free to choose what is important to you,

free to choose what to dedicate your life and energy to,

free to be whatever you want,

no matter how judgmental reactions to you are……,

free to be you.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it.

It is amazing, too.

It feels even more amazing than it sounds……..,

because you find out how unfree you actually were,

once you feel the freedom.

True freedom.

Noone to answer to but you.

Noone to listen to but you.

Noone to follow but you.

Noone to be but you.

How cool.

And this is so new that it will not always be welcomed.

Yes, by some.

No, by some others.

And it’s ok.

Being free is not about having people agree with you or approve of you, 

it is about being you and doing you,

no matter what.


Lots of Love,


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unchain it,

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