Wish For What You Really Want! 💎

What are you wishing for…..?

Are you wishing big stuff, small stuff, anything in between….?


Whatever it is…..,

are you wishing for something you really really want….?

Or are you wishing for things you think you want….,

you think you’ll like….,

you think are supposed to be cool….,

you think are IT to have…..?

Are you wishing for all the stuff that seems to promise you happiness….,


stress free existence……?


I started out asking for things I wanted.

Or so I thought.

It was many many many years ago……

I used to always get what I asked for and realize that although Universe delivered exactly what I asked……..,

it was not what I really wanted……,

or better, NOT what I really wanted to ask.

Through trial and error I learned to better tune into what I really desired……


There was this time that I asked for someone who’d deeply love me, for real.

(Got kinda tired of the depth lacking ‘love’ in my early twenties…..!)

And when I got what I asked for, I learned that this was NOT a guarantee for feeling happy in a relationship, or in life for that matter….!

What I really wanted was to be happy, and instead of asking for JUST THAT lol,

I asked for something the absence of which I thought was causing my unhappiness.


How many of us have gone there….?


Asking for what I really want became a fun – sometimes not so lol! but still 🙂 – process of getting more and more clear on what I really wanted.


I remember this story where a couple had wished for a home that had a b c d etc,

all they wanted……,

and then found the exact home…..,

located right by a highway….!


THIS they did not want at all.

Bit they didn’t state it…..,

ie ‘in a peaceful, calm, quiet environment’,

or something like that!


When we wish for something we can so get engaged with what we think we want and what we think is good for us,

that we omit the things that truly matter.

So how can we do it then…..,

make sure that what we ask for is what we really want…..?


By going within.


It’s the solution for any and every challenge.


Tuning in…..,


instead of thinking…..,

dropping into the body…..,


and letting it emerge…..,

all the important stuff will always surface as we let go of control and relax………

Of course it can be tricky when there’s an enormous emotional charge to getting it right……,

and to actually getting what you ask for…..,

but staying the course will give you direct clarity…….,

and you’ll be able to tune into what you really want.

Sometimes it may surprise you.

It has happened many times over the years,

that I’d write a different list of priorities from the heart than from the mental-emotional perspective.


But I’m sure I do want this….!


No. WE want this.

And you, mental-emotional creature……,

can take a backseat…,


Have fun wishing for what you really really want…..,

it’s the only stuff that counts….!

Lots of Love….,



Have you seen my Daily Blog Challenge….,

a 10 day fun journey to discover your heart’s voice and inspiration and share it with the world…….?

It is going to happen very very soon…..,

make sure you check it out and sign up…….,

it’ll be fun….!

See what it’s about HERE,

and send a message if you have any questions…!




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