Unplug To Reset…..

Sometimes it is necessary to just step back and relax and let it all settle without your involvement.

Have you ever experienced the reset magic when you went on a trip and upon coming back things were resolved without you ‘going after them’ to ‘resolve them’?

Has it ever happened to you…..?

Things work best without our interference.

With our contribution yes,

but without interference.

I remember when I once went on a trip to visit my family, years ago….,

and when I returned there was this job offer waiting for me,

after a long while of looking for work prior to going on this trip.

When we leave we are a little unplugged from our daily lives,

and immersed in a totally new or different environment,

with our daily consciousness doing very different or slightly different stuff than ‘back home’.

It is letting go without even trying to let go :),

and it works.

But, for this reset to happen,

we don’t need to go on a trip physically…….,

we can just let ourselves step back and unplug by letting ourselves ‘do nothing’ about the stuff we do something about daily.

Of course, we let ourselves be guided by our inner compass when doing so lol…..,

and not unplugging from it all when you are actually required to show up fully in action lol.

If your child needs to be taken to the hospital you don’t go and read a book in a corner lol!

Obvious stuff of course haha!

But unplugging really really works.

It’s divine.

You check out and Universe checks in,

rearranges it all and voilà….!

Thing are easy and much more in flow…….

Every time we find ourselves working hard at something or ‘working’ for real………,

it means we are taking on more than is ours to carry……….

We are not meant to carry anything really….,

but just ride the waves.

Ok, and then you get to carry your surfing board and your wetsuit lol,

but that is all.

The rest is riding the waves.

And the Ocean is the one that carries YOU.

That’d be Universe…..!


Lots of Love,



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