Heart Freedom x

Freedom is a state of being.

It’s an inner thing.

True freedom comes from within.

When we have not tapped into it we’ll be holding on hanging on to things…..,

very tightly or kinda……,

but we will try to cling to things experiences people…..,

and money……,

and feel fearful of loosing it……..,

because it is our source of ‘security and safety’ and something we have invested ourselves in, in whatever way.

Freedom is happiness.

Because when we are truly free we feel light.

There’s nothing pulling on us, nothing bringing us down, nothing taking us away from us and what is important to us.

Freedom is following YOUR course.

Your heart.

Being in alignment and FLOW.

Freedom is all that and so much more.

Freedom is creating from within all that we are and feel called to create…….,

and sharing this in and with the world….,

no matter what.

Freedom is saying what you really want to say….,

doing what you really want to do…..,

as YOU…..,

and not as the ego of you.

Heart if FREEDOM.

It gives us the space to create to express to give………,


It gives us the strength to go on and on and on……,

expressing what’s living inside of us.

Heart space is where true freedom IS.

Heart space is where we find our home our essence our inspiration our connectedness with the whole Universe.

Heart never lies, never binds, never confines, never limits and never holds back.

Heart is FREEDOM.

And IT is found WITHIN.



Have you checked out the Daily Blog Challenge yet…..?

Come and join us, doors are closing very sooooooooooon.





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