Claim Y O U x

Whatever it is that you want just choose.

Choose that it is possible.

Choose that you can have it.

Choose that you can be it.

Choose that you can create it.

Choose that you can do it.

Choose that it is for you even if everything inside and outside of you is saying it is not.

Choose regardless.

Let yourself claim it.

Let yourself have it.

Let yourself decide that you do claim and own, whatever the thing that is your birthright.

If you don’t know what it is, still claim it.

Own it.

Rule it.

You are the Emperor / Empress of your life, your universe, your world.

Claim your sovereignty,

claim your passion,

claim your heart,

claim circumstances that honour you,

claim an environment that lifts you up higher and higher,

grows you more and more.

Claim it,

your life for you,

your body for you,

your heart for you,

your Creator for you.

Yes your Creator is at your service,

that’s how big you are,

how important you are,

how worthy you are,

how valued and valuable you are,

how precious you are,

how loved you are,

how honoured you are,

that Creator is laying all IT’s got……,

……..right at your feet.

You are important.

You matter.

You are divine.

You are the one authority in your life.

You are a sovereign being.

You have full rights to your life and your body.

You are the director,

not the runner🌟,

of your life.

Go ahead,

claim it,

own it,

enjoy it,

love it,

run with it,

have fun with it,

celebrate it and celebrate you,

because you are a S T A R shining bright…………..,

and even if you are not always seeing who you are,

you light travels far and wide…….,

and you are enough as you are…….,

being who you are,

expressing who you are…..,

claiming you,

and fully owning all that is yours…….,

and sharing your heart with the world.

I ❤️ U.

Lots of Love…..,



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Send a message and we’ll talk!





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