Create For You! ðŸ’œ

Rise and shine it’s a new day!

What are you creating for yourself 2day?

Yes, for yourself.

Not for the world, for a spouse, for xyz,

because that is completely out of your jurisdiction lol,

but 4 U.

Are you letting yourself say yes to what you really want?

Do you let your spirit come through loud and clear…..?

Are you letting it guide you in your choices, your creations…..?

If you are then you are creating FOR YOU.

If you’re NOT,

then I am afraid you are creating for someone else.

You are creating for someone else when you are asking for things someone showed you are cool to have,

without even checking with yourself if you agree, internally.

You are creating for someone else when you are letting other people’s standards be yours.

Without even checking with yourself, internally.

If you are checking with yourself, all the while, as you are creating whatever it is you choose to create……,

you will end up having what you really do want…….,

instead of something you couldn’t care less about or are actually indifferent to.

You will know once you get it, that’s the ultimate ‘test’.

It will feel fulfilling expansive and celebratory,

but mostly fulfilling,

when you create something you really want.

And it will feel vaguely satisfying or maybe even super satisfying,

when you create something else.


Satisfaction is temporary, 

fulfillment is a lasting thing!

Life teaches us this way through how something FEELS.

It is our super duper fancy radar,

to feel the difference,

and to choose from alignment.

That’s a path to feeling more fulfilled……………,

creating from alignment with what YOU want,

from within,

and not what the outside world believes and tells you that you should want and have and do and create…….

Let’s face it……,

you were not born to live someone else’s life were you?

I thought so.

Have fun and let yourself create for you, from within,

and fully enjoy your wonderful creations.

Lots of Love,




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