Creator Is With You :)

Sometimes we feel we can’t go on.

Sometimes we feel it’s been taking too long.

Sometimes we can feel we couldn’t bother.

Sometimes we can feel that it doesn’t really matter what we do.

Sometimes we can feel – what’s the point.

Sometimes we can feel IT is not achievable not possible not attainable.

I am thinking of Mayana now.

She was at that point too, once.

Or maybe more than just once, but once is all we got to see. 😉

We have all been there and done that.

Almost giving up before a breakthrough.

Things are most intense just before a breakthrough.

It is the moment of the ‘final’ choice after all our previous choices culminated into this moment of:








Well, die inside of course,

because we are choosing between LIVING and EXISTING,

which comes down to being alive or being dead inside.

Movement expression creativity abundance,


stagnation, suppression, repression and lack.

The choice is ours, really.

This is not to go feel sorry for yourself because you are not making the choice in favour of you and of being alive,

this is to feel excited that there is a way out, a solution, a liberation……..,

an escape from the death valley.

There is a way out,

and the way out is the choice…….,

to keep going,

or to stop.

To believe in your dreams,

or abandon them,

abandon you.

To know that you are always fully supported, looked after and assisted in the best way possible,

to have a life that deeply honours you and your heart and your true desires and passions,

or believe that Creator has forgotten all about you and is only caring for his OTHER more favourite children.


Because you,

you are not important,


you are a lost case,


you will not succeed anyway,


you haven’t got it in you,


S T O P!

Whose voice are you hearing?!

It’s not Creator’s voice, really.

As much abandoned as you might feel in certain areas or in all areas,

Creator is always there for you.

You can open the door and start talking.

You can start with: Hey, I really don’t have faith in you, because look what you are letting happen in my life.


Or something like that.

Just open the frikkin door, and start talking.

And choose.

Choose to believe.

Chose to have faith.

Chose to have support from your Creator.

You are not only not meant to do it by yourself,

you are powerless when you do it by yourself,

without Creator’s breath bringing life to your creations and projects.

You are nothing without Creator.

Make the choice to walk together,

to create together,

to live together,

and you’ll see the difference,

the difference between just you and you and God.

That makes all the difference.

It does.

Lots of Love,



Do you want to work with me one on one to align with Creator and Divine Flow?

Send a message!

I’d love to support you with that.



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